Blogging Awards & Thanks


Janthina Images – Photo Journal was conceived simply as a place to record and share my visits to various photo sites. When we purchased our 19’ Nautica Inflatable Rib boat, we thought of it as a photo platform. I named my photo site Janthina Images after the pelagic, violet shell which floats on a raft of bubbles. Our vessel was Christened Janthina as it also floats by means of air cells. I began the journal as a Ship’s Log mainly to record our routing path, descriptive information, and to show a representative picture for the trip. In those days I was concentrating on the Florida Lighthouses and the adventure to get out to the reef lights at various times of day and weather.  There were also the trips to the Everglades and BigCypressSwamp on foot for which it was almost impossible not to want to write descriptively of the lush, primordial beauty. Love makes everyone a poet and immersion into nature draws poetry out of us too!!


Times changed causing boat and road trips became more limited for awhile and so the journal languished. That is until I decided to introduce and share some of my card and photo projects along with some informational background. I have a recurring theme I call “Life of the Image” because I believe an image is more than a capture of a frozen moment in time. It is that Life I like to share…the adventure of the capture or the concept/history surrounding the creation of a greeting card or print.


All this is to say that I never thought of myself as a ‘Blogger’ in the truest sense of the word. But, this enterprise has thrown me into the “blogosphere” and I am learning how to navigate that new world. Every touch down brings a new discovery, new thoughts and new friends. It has become an adventure of its own and I have come to be thankful for a medium that expands our understanding while it shrinks our world.


 So, to say the least, to have been nominated for two blogging awards this year was a bit of a surprise. Thank You sincerely for those and Thank You for…reading…following or liking… my posts, photos, and cards…Thank You for also sharing yourselves and enterprises through your writing and posts!


Thank You

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg 
Thank you to Sandy@ Another Lovely Day  for nominating me for the Blogger of the Year Award-2012



Thank you to Sandy @ Another Lovely Day  for nominating me for the Family of Bloggers Award


Epically Awesome Award

Thank You Colin Michael Moore of Ajuma Alive Travel Truths and Fiction for nominating me for the Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness. It is awesome truly that you thought of my site to include with your distribution of this fun blog award!

Click on the award to find Colin, his great humor and photographs from Canada, to Korea to Spain!


Awarding the people who live in the moment The noble who write and capture the best in life.

The bold who reminded us what really mattered Savoring the experience of quality time

I have been nominated for the Best Moment Award by JeanInJackson  – Pearl St. Gallery and I thank her sincerely!

Please visit her lovely gallery of photos as she records Life Images. She has a very nice rundown on the evolution of cameras here!!

I do not know if I am very noble or bold but like to think I am capable of living in the moment. Also, I do have to offer apologies with accepting the awards which have come my way. My time has been short and subdivided horrendously and so I have not followed the rules and hope soon that I will have a chance to address that issue.  Because I do feel that there is an entire world wide web out there with untold numbers of bloggers, the fact that anyone would think to include Janthina Images on their list makes me feel that someone enjoyed the things I show and talk about. So I think that the person who thought of me deserves thanks and some linkage so others will enjoy their blogs too!! For this reason I have posted these in hopes that no one is upset and so a very nice person can have whatever advantage my link can give in the meantime.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I will be doing a post page   (did rather ) for this award but wanted to link to Babsje’s Great Blue Herons in thanks for thinking of Janthina Images for this award here on my awards page now. Please visit her wonderful blog. I can think of no one who more gracefully shares love for the elegant, majestic Great Blue Heron with her enthusiasm, her images, and her words!

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