A Beta Reader’s Desk – Crispina Kemp’s The Spinner’s Game Series


I have enjoyed the storytelling of Crispina Kemp for a few years which she has so generously shared with us on her WordPress site.  The world of her Feast Fables and Asaric Tales has been shaped and polished into a five book series called The Spinner’s Game. She has woven a tapestry of myth and fantasy as we follow her central character, Kerrid, on an epic quest over space and time to discover why her fall from grace and to recover who she really is.  Her world is peopled with compelling characters, evocative landscapes, and intense clashes between good and evil on many planes and dimensions. Though I am not reviewer of writing nor an editor, I am a reader and was thrilled to answer the call to participate as a beta reader as Crispina refined her complex and enchanting tale.

I am an old fashioned beta and so did my reading via printed manuscript rather than on my computer screen. I just took the opportunity to snap some images of those pages of words with my copies of the first two books in the series. At least we live in a time when a writer can type on a screen, edit and arrange with relative ease. I remember reading somewhere that Tolstoy’s wife after a hard day of running the household and taking care of her children, at night would transcribe by hand all of her husbands handwritten scribbles and corrections in the course of writing War and Peace so that he could start again the next day. One of her children said (if I remember correctly) that she transcribed the book probably 6 times.That must have been some stack of manuscript.

I wanted to help point the way to both Crispina Kemp’s  WordPress Site and Her Author Page on Amazon. Those sites are listed below to click and follow the links.

Crispina Kemp on Amazon

Crispina Kemp WordPress



The Spinner's Game manuscript pages stacked by my front door.

Follow Kerrid into the web where a moon-bellied spider spins the threads of existence and guards the answers.


Go check it out!!



~ by Judy on April 5, 2020.

10 Responses to “A Beta Reader’s Desk – Crispina Kemp’s The Spinner’s Game Series”

  1. I love that last line, that’s a tagline I’ve not used. It’s brilliant. Do I have your permission to use it on my twitter account?
    And now I have to go hunt through my Reader, cos naughty WP didn’t deliver this to me. Without your email, I wouldn’t have known. Smacked wrists for WP!

  2. Lo! I have found it buried in my Reader. I do apologise, Judy, for not having seen it. I can’t imagine how that had happened.

    • Maybe its because I have been a bit sluggish on posts and so easy to get buried!!

      • No, it’s my mouse when I scroll. It sometimes slips. Anyway, I’m going to reblog it today, It’s good to give the peeps a different pic from my usual 5-bbook line up. Although I have finally had the delivery of my copies (I only had the proofs before), but they’re for Shen, so I quickly did some shots first. But I love your shots best. Cosy while mine are sterile, publicity shots

  3. I love the photographs of Crispina’s beautiful book covers and your stack of printed manuscripts. 😀 I can’t wait to get my copies.

    • That is great!! LOL I probably should have bought a new blotter before taking that desk picture though!! The covers do look great and I especially like the Spinner’s Child cover. Thanks for the visit!!

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