A Personal Thank You to The Very Inspiring Bloggers in My Life

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I generally try to stay on focus (NPI) with my photography journal sharing images of the Historic Lighthouses and especially images of the abundant and beautiful wild birds we are so lucky to have grace our lives here in South Florida. Maybe other topics from time to time which are photography oriented too. I think with blogging that we reveal the parts of ourselves which we most want to share, perhaps our best work and our most upbeat attitude towards what we do. However, whether a business or as a creative outlet, blogging is a rather personal endeavor in the end. So unless one is very adept at creating a separate persona, most of us will let a bit our ourselves bleed through. So as a deviation from form, I am here to say that I have had a somewhat difficult 2013 medically speaking. Without going into gory detail, if you want to know about estrogen dominance, high dose progesterone therapy, bleeding fibroids, endometrial hyperplasia, daVinci hysterectomy, and even newly learned, ovarian granulosa  nodules, then I am your girl. My one regret photographically is that I couldn’t photograph my surgical team and that totally space age laparoscopic daVinci robotic surgery machine. Perhaps the image in my head of the team and the machine before I zonked out, is permanently recorded in my memory. All did go well, I am on the mend and look forward to field photography once again.

How does this apply to the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Well, I dearly wanted to thank several blogs which I feel have inspired and sustained me with their images, words and engaging personalities during the ups and downs of an illness which was emotionally charged even before I realized I would have to say goodbye to my children’s first home. Sob sob!! : ) These sites took me away from my own problems, distracting me with humor, wonderful images, perfect words and even more, generous spirited people!! Yes, personality does come through. So when my fellow lover of the majestic Great Blue Heron, Babsje creator of the blog ‘Great Blue Herons’, presented me with this award coincidentally when I was recovering from surgery, I knew exactly my vehicle to give thanks to those blogs which personally inspired and distracted me with their view so I could expand thinking beyond my own fear and concerns. Maybe we do this for each other all the time, but it is good to acknowledge that the gift of our fellow bloggers really is the time they spend to create and send out into the world their various creative output. We are all better for that!!


Because there are many sites I enjoy and who stopped by and visited me too, I have concentrated here on the sites (still trying to follow the 15 rule) which gave me particular joy/support and inspired me during this crazy medical situation. So forgive me in advance if I neglected to mention a blog which did keep me busy during this time!! Oh, also, I realize not everyone, me usually too, participates in the blogging awards. Time is a precious commodity and one can get time crunched just fitting the blog itself into the stream of daily activities.  This is only me thanking friends, use the award as you will.

Please Visit My Inspiring Blogs:

The Task at Hand, a Writer’s On-Going Search for Just the Right Word    

Crimson Prose

Sillyverse by Brian Bixby–note that Brian has several serialized stories…stop in quickly for his Scary Ghost Story of Christmas  ” Nightfeather” which will conclude on the 24th.

Linda Cote, Musings from the Studio

Phil Lanoue Photography

Serenity Spell

Zeebra Designs


Jon Rista Nature Photography

Sandy’s Another Lovely Day Blog

Neihtn 2012

Mike’s Look at Life

Lynda Haviland

Maugryph’s Blog, graphic artist


Cristian Mihai’s Blog

Seven Things about me:

1.         I am a confirmed arachniphobe but wasn’t always. When I was a little kid living in Hawaii our house was on a raised platform so I collected spiders from underneath the house in jars…scientific minded at an early age. One day I was walking in the woods with some  other kids and almost ran into a spider web, saved by a kid reaching out his hand to  stop me.  Of course he said it was dreadfully poisonous and it unnerved me. So after that    and over a series of years I had bad spider dreams and developed a firmly entrenched  fear of the hairy, eight legged beasts!!

#1 will be the longest !! As I will relate my best spider dream. I was in college at the University of Miami and living the semester with my Aunt Peggy some blocks away. The  only trigger I remember was being startled by the spidery design of the pillow case as I  drifted off to sleep.

I dreamt that I was disturbed in the night by a strange sound in the basement. I’ve always   wondered about scary movies where the heroine wafts down the stairs in a long white dress holding a candle poised on a brass holder. Inevitably, she is drawn to the basement where a mad scientist is engaged in horrible experiments with stolen body  parts!! Wimpy B-horror movie fan that I am, I would be saying ‘don’t go downstair..go back to bed!’ Course they never listen. Well, this time I was the damsel in the flowing satin gown gripping the candle holder, its ornate handle curling around my hand, my face framed in its glow as I floated tentatively down an ancient staircase. The surroundings  were once fine but all revealed by the light was decrepit and decaying. As I set foot on    the landing, I saw among the ruins of finery, an ornate mahogany chair in the center of the room on a threadbare oriental carpet. The wood was still rich and the seat was of a shimmering red brocade fabric with golden strands. As I approached, I realized that the fabric of the seat was ripped and decayed and out of its ragged black openings poured out hundreds of black widow spiders. As suddenly as I registered what I was seeing the spiders were racing up my legs and biting me. Gripped by fear and painful sensations, I woke up with a start, heart racing and still feeling the pain sensations in my legs. It took a few moments for that sensation to die away. This was the only dream I remember where a sensation from the dream lasted into wakefulness. Needless to say, I laid  awake in my now lit room not wanting to fall back asleep. I did remember later my startlement over the pillowcase design and that must have been the trigger. There always is a trigger isn’t there!!

2.         My first love was archaeology and I spent hours hunting for rocks with chips knocked out of them that might have meant they were arrowheads. My dad had collected arrowheads in the Mounds of Alabama before they were flooded, when he was a boy, and I was fascinated by those handful of relics. One was a clovis point and had some stuff on it I thought was mammoth blood at the time. Later we gave that one to my favourite teacher who was an amateur archaeologist and pivotal in my learning to love learning.

3.         One of my favourite poems is William Ernest Henley’s “Invictus”

4.         My first camera was a Nikonos II Underwater Camera. I used it for many years and liked  that everything was all manual. I had to learn to judge distance with it…am terrible at that.  I still have it.

5.         I used to be able to skin dive 70’ and fellow divers often had me rescue stuff they dropped to the bottom for them. I found this out by accident actually. I free dived down and hovered over the coral reef off the CaponeIslands in the Philippines, and was  thinking how wonderful serene and quiet it was. A pristine moment! Then suddenly I realized that it was so quiet because I was not on scuba, my depth gauge said 70’ and I looked up at my banca boat which looked like a pencil on the surface. I was already  about out of breath and still had to get to the surface. But, I was always at home in the water and surfaced just fine!!

6.         One of my favourite childhood memories is being in Hawaii when it became a state. I remember getting out of class in the first grade watching the flag go up. I remember celebrations with tons of flowers and watching a pig sent down a chute into a ravine.

7.         Not many people know I used to be afraid of the Steve McQueen movie, ‘The Blob’!  In the PI we had limited TV and the same movie played on TV all week. By the end of the week, I was over being afraid of ‘The Blob’!! ‘Night of the Living Dead’ was another matter entirely!!

PS: Who knew seven things would be so fun..I love tripping down memory lane!! 🙂  Maybe it is post surgery euphoria!!

Should you choose to participate: Rules for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award (from Babsje’s site), Thanks again too!!

1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.

2. Display the award on your post. (Download buttons from the link two lines above this one.)

3. List the award rules so your nominees will know what to do.

4. State 7 things about yourself.

5. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award.

6. Contact your nominees to let them know you have nominated them. Provide a link to your post.

7. Proudly display the award logo (or buttons) to your blog, wither on your side bar, ABOUT page, or a special page for awards. (Ok, I am behind on doing this, myself, time to update the blog menu.) Let other bloggers see right up front that you are an award winner and HAVE participated in the award process (there should be an award for that all by itself!).

My Very Best Wishes to Everyone for a Merry Christmas, a Wonderful Holiday and an Exciting 2014!!

Be Well,


~ by Judy on December 19, 2013.

42 Responses to “A Personal Thank You to The Very Inspiring Bloggers in My Life”

  1. Bless you Judy, that was very brave. May 2014 bring you complete recovery, and the best year for photography, ever.

    • Oh, thanks sincerely!! I am feeling terrific and the little incisons will be nothing before long I know. I do look forward to getting out in 2014 and enjoying the bird season already in progess and maybe even getting back on the water too!!

      I did post on your site the link to get the Very Inspiring Blogger Award I have given you, if you want to have it. You deserve it!!

  2. Judy, as a neophyte to blogging, you and your blog have inspired me in many ways. Your photos are beautiful and professionally done, and the stories that accompany them are so interesting and educational, at least for me anyway. I hope your health will keep improving and that everything will be looking up for you from here on.

    • Remember, as I posted on your blog…I am giving you the Very Inspiring Blogger Award if you want to accept it. Just click on the picture and you can download it and put it up. Rules are above for you. I think you and your story Village Teacher are wonderful and inspirational.


  4. Judy, thank you for the imtimate sharing in this post, your dreamscape about spiders adds even more texture to your art in ways I can’t explain. I have had dreams of spiders on the ceiling about to cascade onto the bed, that wake me up fully, and was waylaid for a couple weeks this summer with two dozen bites from spiders that had taken up residence in my kayak. I’m sorry to hear of your medical adventures this years, it’s good to know that you were able to be comforted or distracted by blogs during your recoveries, but most importantly to hear that you are on the mend now. Wishing you happy holidays and renewed health in 2014. I’m looking forward to seeing more exquisite egrets from you next year. Again, you are VERY deserving of the Inspiring Blogger award, congrats! Best, Babsje

    • Thanks truly!! Ouuu, spiders cascading off the ceiling gives me the hee bee jee bees!!!

      • You’re welcome and sorry about the scary spidey images! Also, I think if we had been neighbors as children, we might have been friends. I, too, wanted to be an archaeologist and spent lots of time in the field, aka our neighborhood, digging up petrified wood, and quartz, and the occasional fossil. My dad also had a small collection of arrowheads. Small world, isn’t it.

      • Sorry for my belated response to this!! I think we would definitely have been friends excavating around for suspect rocks aka arrowheads!! Another early love of mine was geology and so I loved quartz, granite, obsidian etc. and collected rocks(more obedient than spiders!). Since I accuse my hubby of being a pack rat, I avoid mentioning I have quite a few shoe boxes full of my rock collection on the shelf in the utility room. From 6th and 7th grade or so and collected around home and around various locales travelling from one army base to another in the summers. I also collected vials of sand from beaches all over our various duty stations…they unfortunately were taken over by a rainbow of different molds and deemed beyond redemption some time ago.

      • This is too funny, but I have now tried to reply 4 times and each time I submit, my iPad crashes. 🙂 You and I would have been two peas in a pod, I was also into rocks & minerals, had a collection that I would supplement with my allowance by buying some at the gift shop at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Definitely a girly thing to do, eh? Wishing you a 2014 that is kinder to you than 2013 was, and also that your husband doesn’t find your stash of collected rocks.

  5. Haha! The Blob! I remember that movie! Fun times, lots of fun times. I’m a bit of a B-horror movie fan myself, although in recent years I’ve become too interested in top notch TV shows to really watch much on the way of movies at all. Battlestar Galactica and Grays Anatomy are a couple of my favorites…the caliber of acting in those…ah, just can’t get enough of it.

    Regarding 70′ skin diving, you are truly crazy! People get the bends at over 60 feet pretty quick…and surfacing must have been a trip (did you have to exhale all the way up?)

    Anyway, thank you for considering my blog to be one of your most inspiring. I’m very honored, truly. I hope I can keep inspiring you on into the future. 🙂

    • Erp, I hit reply before I was ready. Anyway, I hope I can continue to inspire you into the future. I’m sorry to hear you had such a rough 2013 medically. I truly hope your recovery is an easy one, that it is quick and short, and that you will be here long into the future to inspire other bloggers (because this very blog itself, let along all your other works, are indeed quite inspiring!)

      I wish you a truly Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and a better 2014. God Bless!

    • You know the first movie I really remember scaring me was called “Invisible Invaders” I guess anytime an alien presence occupies the corpse of a human, my inner harmony is disturbed!!

      Oh, on the free diving even though I’ve been away from the physics of diving for awhile, you don’t have to be concerned with exhaling all the way up as much. The air in you was taken in at surface pressure and so while compressed at 70′, will expand to its original on the way up and no pneumothorax. Where as, on scuba you take in compressed air while at depth which will expand on the way up, so if you free up you must exhale and rise at about the rate of your bubbles. Free diving does have a caviat though in that you are increasing CO2 relatively as you breath hold, so when you rise the CO2 expands and you can have shallow water black out. This is why one must have a buddy up while you are down while free diving. But, I was very comfortable in those days with free diving and loved the feeling of it. Those athletes today who are into extreme free diving to 300+ feet, now that is another ball game and truly stretches human limits and fitness.

      I agree too on the modern TV shows. You know one of my recent favourites was Fringe. Happen to catch that?

      • Ah, Fringe! That was another one of my recent favorites! I felt it ended much too soon, but it was extremely well acted. I also liked Stargate: Universe. It was dark and moody at first, but in the second season they found their footing…only to be canceled. Too bad, loved that show. (I feel all too often that the “intellectual” shows, particularly those that are well acted, get canceled in favor of more mindless and even down right raunchy shows…like Jersey Shores. Bleh.)

        Interesting bit about diving. Seems obvious too, that your lungs would compress if you took in air from the surface. That in itself is pretty crazy though…70′ is a lot of water…you HAD to have felt all that pressure! I remember when I was young, while waterskiing on the Colorado river on the border between CA and AZ. While playing in the water with my cousins, we found several stretches were the water was very deep. We could swim down maybe 15-20 feet, but at that depth, the water got so murky you couldn’t see. A few of us, including me, resorted to hanging onto HUGE rocks to sink ourselves down as low as we could go. I remember the water getting fairly dark, but mostly how much my ears hurt, even after trying to equalize pressure. I can’t imagine that was any more than 30 feet deep…can’t possibly imagine 70 feet, let alone 300 feet! 😮 I guess it must take some training, to condition your body to that kind of pressure.

      • Yes, I tend to gravitate towards alternate reality stories. I have to say sometimes I think if I like a series, it is doomed to be cancelled!! Sorta like bras that fit, if it fits it will be discontinued!! But, you wouldn’t know about that!! 🙂

      • Haha! Not much of a cross dresser, here, so not much experience with bra fitting. ;P

        I totally know how you feel, though. Almost all of the shows I REALLY like get canceled. I was so afraid throughout most of Fringe that it would be canceled…was glad it made it as far as it did. I used to love Babylon 5…really cheezy CGI and cheezy acting, but it has a great story. The storyline had been written out to seven seasons, and they BARELY got a fifth, an it was a long fall from season four. Seems intellectual shows, particularly Sci-Fi intellectuals, always get canceled before their time. So sad.

  6. Thanks very much for including me on your list!

  7. Judy, Lots of great thoughts in this blog; probably the best entry of yours, ever!! Keep up the good work. Jack

    • I think we need to get you blogging!! I always enjoy your photographic POV , travel and scenic images!! And, your appreciation of people as you photograph is remarkable!! So what do you say? Time for a photo journal?

  8. AAArrrrrggggh! I cannot STAND the honor of being named in your list of outstanding blogs – I don’t even HAVE a blog. I don’t even have a professional camera! I are a HIKER that has been truly blessed in all that nature gives us. I’ve also been truly blessed with the jaw-dropping artistry that you give away FOR FREE in your blog! I know how hard you work – and I love you for it. You’re not just the most inspirational blog – you are the most inspirational blogger. Joy be upon you, m’lady!

    • Now see!! This is EXACTLY why you are on my list. You make me laugh and take myself less seriously!! See, now laughter is disturbing my incisions!! I did look to see how to let you know on Flicker but you found me out anyway!!

      I really do thank you for just being the great spirited, funny soul that you are!! We need that kind of thing in the world you know!!

      • I stopped posting images on Flickr — believe me, I have TONS more mediocre photos in my archives. 🙂 … Heal fast, girl! We have a date at Wako coming up.

      • …. BTW, take yourself VERY seriously. I do – and so do all your other regular readers. As I type this, I can see your photo of the two Great Blues building their nest. A) Spectacular, world-class art work, and B) I KNOW those guys!

  9. How wonderful to see you back, with good news about your recovery and a delightful post. Had it not been for your mention of “The Blob”, I might have gone several more years before remember how “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” affected me!

    Thanks so much for including me on your list. I read three of the other bloggers regularly, and I’m looking forward to “meeting” the others. A Merry Christmas to you, and best wishes for a very happy and healthy New Year!

    • I am sure of two of the bloggers you comment on. If you have not discovered Sillyverse or Crimson Prose…I’d like to point out these wonderful and very different story tellers!!

      Thank you for being such a supportive and gracious friend. I have enjoyed our collaborations, you make it all fun!!

  10. First off, anyone else reading this: I’ve been delighted to use Judy’s Christmas cards this year, as well as some from her Boston Doorways collection. Word to the wise, eh?

    OK, now to the next priority: thanks for the blog, and the other gifts of your friendship, May your recovery be faster than even Martha Fokker could manage.

    Last, thank you for the award. I’m rather in CP’s shoes, in that I don’t ACTIVELY follow fifteen blogs (though I have to count, maybe I do), but I will certainly carry out one of the other pleasant tasks such awards carry: doing others on the list the courtesy of checking out their blogs. And then I’ll see what I can do in the new year.

    Thanks again.

    • It is not necessary that you have to be a ‘follower’ of a blog to be inspired by it, you know. No rules on inspiration. Creativity can be stimulated in many ways or the desire to be better…I think most times things that hit happen serendipitously..don’t they? And when you are not even looking. I found Task at Hand totally by accident, web searching myself to see what would come up. She had an essay with the Janthina Shell mentioned in it. See serendipity!! And, I’ve been hooked ever since.

      There is no time limit on sharing the Very Inspiring Blogger Award…it’s for the fun of it!!

  11. Aw, Judy, thank you so much for the honor of nominating my blog, and so very sorry to hear about your health challenges recently. Sending you LOTS of hugs for your very speedy recovery. May 2014 be a healing year and one full of your gorgeous photographs! I loved finding out more about you in your “7 things” — what fun! Your photos have truly inspired me over the years, and it’s great to round out the picture with knowing about your dreams, diving and scary movies! You are such an eloquent writer, too, Judy, and I look forward to more posts when you are feeling better. I accept and will post up my award soon! Merry Christmas and Happy 2014!!

    • This is really dangerous ground since I LOVE talking about favourite memories!! I would not want to unleash a torrent!! 🙂
      Thanks so much for all your kind support over the years and for your own art and inspiring work ethic and joy!!
      Merry Christmas and Wonderful new Prints in 2014!!

  12. What a sweetheart you are! You’re one of the most inspiring people I know, so this is truly an HONOR, to say the least. And I knew that we had much in common…. But HAH! Wow.

    Archaeology remains an obsession with me, from childhood… But the funniest similarities? My fear of “The Blob”! And our years overseas — which involved months each year in HI — to the notes of “watch out, there may be mongoose under the (raised) houses.” Note that the snakes were OK — but watch out for the mongoose. So I was convinced one would pop out at any given moment and bite me in the face. 🙂

    Thanks again — you’re always on my mind, and as always, I send you much love and countless blessings.

  13. […] any blogs listed by the two people who nominated me, with one exception. (So check out their lists here and here.) I limited it to WordPress blogs, though I’ve included one honorable mention from […]

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