Images and Text are copyrighted: ©Judith A. Lovell; jalovell; Janthina Images

>>Unless noted otherwise the pictures and words are copyrighted; please respect this.

>>Should you wish to purchase or use any of my images, please do not hesitate to contact me as I am happy to be of service.

>>Please feel welcome to visit my Photo Galleries at Janthina Images.  There you will find the Selected Images for Sale Gallery and the online gallery for Card ordering. Many of the images here on this Blog are there too

>>Along with those are display only galleries. If interested in any images not in the sale gallery, I can make them available if you let me know of your interest. But, mostly I am thrilled to have you enjoy the view of my neck of the woods and of places I have visited!!

I do thank you for visiting me here at my Photo Journal as I love having the opportunity to share the Life of the Image with you.



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