Janthina Images renews 15% discount coupon for Holiday Savings

•October 31, 2015 • 2 Comments

Janthina Images 15% Off Holiday Coupon


This Snowy Egret with its bright red lore against a field of green pond apple leaves, flies in with Holiday Savings.   Janthina Images renews its 15% Discount Coupon for Holiday Savings through November and December so that it might be helpful to those considering Florida bird, lighthouse, or landscape print images or products for holiday gift giving. While the Snowy might be flying in early with this offering, print on demand products do require some lead time and so wanted to give that advantage.Feather right

Visit http://www.janthinaimages.com in order to view the sale galleries and shopping cart options. Your visits either here at WordPress or at the gallery site are always welcomed. Feeling that photographs have absolutely no value if not looked at, I am so grateful to have the technology and places to share them and people who enjoy looking at them.


A Pebbled Landscape

•October 18, 2015 • 11 Comments

Iguana Landscape

Is it a relief map with pointy peaks, a volcano and geological folds in the earth?? Or does nature just mimic these features in a multitude of ways? No, it is the skin of a creature which has taken over the South Florida lizard scene…the cold sensitive but ubiquitous green iguana! The little pointy peaks look a little like Hershey’s Kisses or conversely the inspiration for some kind grungy nail head design. Who knew it was iguana skin?

Ok it is not a test. At least not that kind. I am getting ready for a trip and was debating whether to take my small sensor camera or my full sensor camera so I wanted to test the two lenses I was taking to be sure they were in good working order. I decided to take the full sensor 5D since I plan some landscape type pictures and people pictures as opposed to birds and have to travel very light. Decisions had to be made. So I explored my yard and was surprised to find three bright green iguanas hanging out on the dock. Two of them scattered rather quickly but one rewarded me with its cold stare… though poised to run and alert the whole time.

I just wanted to share a little play before I hit the skyways!!

Oh I did a previous post on the green iguana HERE..there is a bit more information on them.

Green Iguana on dock

Green Iguana on Dock-West End

Golden Eye of the Green Iguana

James Patterson or no? Does that look like a defiant pupil?

Happy Trails


Juvenile Tricolor Heron aka Louisiana Heron

•October 14, 2015 • 21 Comments

Juvenile Louisiana Heron

Compare this juvenile Tricolor Heron aka Louisiana Heron with the breeding adult by clicking HERE.  The two images were taken in nearly the same spot so maybe the adult is Mom or Dad to this juvenile.

The Louisiana Heron or more commonly known today as the Tricolor Heron remains one of my favourite subjects. While I probably have done a post too many on this dainty heron, I will probably do yet another if the occasion arises. Hard to pass up the ruby eyed adult or resist the personality of the young of this species as they scamper about the nesting colony. Sometimes they can really take over the place and often seem fearless in the presence of people!!


Young Tricolor Heron adopts comfortable pose on wooden beam

This youngster looks comfy with legs tucked under from its vantage point overlooking the wetland. White fluff on its bill is just evidence of recent time spent preening.


Juvenile Tricolor aka Louisiana Heron Face

I enjoy facial close ups of birds when I can get close enough for the expression and texture detail. Tricolor chicks sport spiky headfeathers early on, so what remains of those looks a tad uncouth!! But cute!


Juvenile Tricolor aka Louisiana Heron Face in Black and White

This one seemed to call for black and white to show the textures of feather, beak and eye with the lighting as it was.

Hard to believe that these were among the last of the young in the rookery for the 2015 nesting season. Now again the advent of Fall brings the promise of cooler, drier temps here in South Florida, and ushers in the beginnings of winter bird migrations into our area. Nature doesn’t stop for a minute, the cycle continues.


Janthina Image offers 15% Fall Savings Coupon

•September 21, 2015 • 6 Comments


Janthina Images 15% Off Fall Coupon

Janthina Images is offering a Fall Savings Coupon for 15% off of the orders of any print or product in its sales galleries…see the top two galleries on the Janthina Images Sale Galleries page and there are some Janthina print ready greeting cards available too on the Note Cards tab.  Should there be interest in an image or product then after your selection and when you are in the shopping cart it will ask for payment info. In that area you will see a white field to fill in a coupon code. Just type in JanthinaFallPromo and hit Apply; that will show the 15% discount from the price. The code is not case sensitive but be sure to type without any spaces. See example screen at the bottom of this post.

There are so many print options, from a variety of photo papers to various canvas and metal treatments, to choose from but I particularly like the Canvas Board preparation I mentioned on an earlier post so thought I’d share a couple more I decided to try.  I think it is a versatile way to own a small canvas for table display on an easel stand which could then be framed at any future time. So I wanted to see about the She Sits in Her Beauty image (nesting White Egret with aigrettes pleasantly caught on the surrounding ferns) as a canvas board.  I prepared a black and white version as well as the color, both of which you see below. The white birds do lend so well to black and white and I love the light on the nest and ferns.  I placed these inside the house facing towards incoming outside daylight for the photos. You can see the texture a bit too.

If anyone has any questions I can help with just let me know. A wonderful Fall to everyone. As for me, I am looking forward to more comfortable weather. You have to be very sensitive to detect the advent of Fall in Florida as we have no blazing crimson leaves or hints of frost to announce its arrival, but rather a barely perceptible sense that the air has become deliciously drier and cooler. And after awhile, the birds will come!!

Nesting White Egret - black and white - canvas board treatment - 12 x 18

This is a size 12 x 18 canvas board on a little table stand.

Nesting White Egret in color-canvas board treatment-8 x 12

This color image is a 8 x 12 sized canvas board on a gold finished stand.

Happy Fall to All!!


Example Payment Info Page with 15% Coupon Applied

This is what the screen looks like after you hit Next: Payment Info.  On that screen, just beneath the heading Payment Info, you will see Have a Coupon? and you enter the code to the right in the white field. Hit Apply and underneath it will show the discount amount. Also, the Order Summary will show the Coupon discount amount as well. Just letting everyone know I have images which are available through Janthina Images online. Always just feel free to look around as I appreciate sharing the subjects I see through my viewfinder!!

Lenora-just about 2

•September 20, 2015 • 21 Comments

Lenora 1736-wps

I was going to entitle this post something along the lines of “How NOT to do Child Portraits”, but how can I not be happy with this little girl!! However, since I don’t see my two granddaughters as often as I’d like, I always have high hopes for a SERIOUS photo session when we are together. Some nice old fashioned portraits perhaps!! Their first stop on a recent South Florida trip was at my parent’s house, their Great Grandparents! There my mother has a beautiful rocking chair with curly arms just perfect for sitting a child for a portrait. Well, Lenora was just as SERIOUS about not wanting her picture taken especially in a frilly white dress!! My favourite curly armed rocking chair served only as a nano second resting place as she slid right off quite emphatically. That chair was not going to happen. So above is an image from that morning with Lenora sitting in the window seat, yeah as she was getting ready to scoot out of there too. And to think, I thought birds were hard!! The images below were taken at her other Great Grandmother’s house by the pool. She was happier with the water. But, that runs in the family since I am a water girl too and so is her Dad!!

So I don’t really have a lesson here other than the fact that you have to be patient with children at any time, but especially when they are travelling. And, maybe that you are sometimes best off to just follow them around and hope they look your way once in awhile!! Sort of like birds!!

Thing is time is so precious and any picture is worth its weight because they grow and change so quickly…it is all very in the moment. And, I actually love that!! So here’s to determined little Lenora being herself at just about 2!!



Lenora-Small Waterfall_1847-wps2

Lenora fascinated by the moving water of the little pool waterfall.



Happy now!!


Lenora-in pool_1812-wps

Lenora Thinking_1855-wps

A fleeting moment of indecision! Hmmm, what to do next??!!

Very lucky Grandmother,

Mimi Judy

Great White Heron Mangrove Scene Project-Gallery Wrap Canvas

•September 12, 2015 • 6 Comments

Great White Heron Mangrove Canvas_2035-wps

24" x 36" Gallery Wrap Canvas - Great White Heron Mangrove Image

I do offer the ability to order prints of images I have made through my Janthina Images website but I do not talk about this as much as I should. Viewing an image on a computer monitor does very little sometimes to show that the image might make a lovely print or wall art selection for those interested in the kinds of scenes I have. So along with the previous post on the Canvas Board product, I wanted to share this project with my Great White Heron Mangrove image.

A couple of months ago I received an inquiry from a lady who wondered if the image on the left side of my WordPress banner was available as a print. The series of pictures I took from our inflatable while traversing Largo Sound in the Pennecamp area of a beautiful Great White Heron has remained a favourite collection. For the banner image I used one of those capture shots which I combined with some elements to merge the bird and the gator into an evocative everglades view. Made for a specific purpose it was very small and not print material. But, I understood the kind of scene that she was interested in. She has a strong connection with the Florida Keys as her son is an experienced and well known Key West flats boat fishing guide in the area.  So loving the Florida mangrove landscape,  she was specifically was interested in a Great White Heron in a mangrove setting.

The image above is of the scene produced to make a nice quintessentially Florida wall print. The image is a Giclee print on museum quality canvas, printed with archival inks, and protected by a glossy laminate. It is a 1″ gallery wrap with part of the image mirrored on the sides as it is being hung without a frame. It really does look beautiful in person and I was so pleased to be able to facilite my client’s vision.

You can find the image in color in my Selected Landscapes and Birds Gallery. I have a black and white version in the Bird Portraits Gallery too. A canvas can be ordered through the Janthina Image website but for the full face to be on the front choose a stretched or canvas board treatment. For a 1″ gallery wrap like this, you’d have to contact me directly as mirrored wraps are not available through the shopping cart currently. I am always available for questions if someone is interested in one of my images but not sure how to turn it into the product they are thinking about.  This was so much fun to work on and especially fun to have had someone give me the chance to make something happen for them!!

My client’s son is Captain Simon Becker a well known and respected flats fishing guide in the Florida Keys. Here is an article that features Simon Becker and some innovative things he has done with improving fly fishing knots. From SS Flies here is an endorsement:

“Capt. Simon Becker is one of the most respected captains in Key West. If you ever get a chance to stand on his bow drop everything, postpone your wedding, leave your kids in a lurch, quit your job, do whatever you have to do to get to Key West. Everyone of our clients who fish with Simon are honored to fish with him on the poling platform. In the very competitive world of Key West captains he is universally respected. Simply one of the best! ”

Please visit my client, Mary, at her Etsy shop called Cosy Kozees. After a lifetime of crafting, she shares her art through her Etsy shop. Her handmade tea cozies are a delightful and charming addition to anyone’s table and make superb gifts. Enjoy viewing her extended craft selections! She would surely welcome your queries.


Great White Heron Mangrove-Side Wrap View_2043-wps

Mirrored Gallery Wrap Side View



Great White Heron Mangrove Image - Color



Great White Heron Mangrove Image - Black and White

Thank you Mary!!



Black and White Bird Portraits on Canvas Board

•August 22, 2015 • 22 Comments

White Egret on Stand in Frame_2071-wps

White Egret with Aigrettes Image printed as a Canvas Board in a Standard 11 x 14 frame on a table stand.

With this post I wanted to introduce one product that is available through my Janthina Images photo gallery site. I’ve been working on some black and white bird portraits and have tested them as photographic lustre prints which look lovely. But, I had been curious to see how they would look on canvas. Plus, I was interested in seeing about the Canvas Board Product which I had not ordered myself before. All of my canvases,  ’til these, have been of color images. Because, I liked these so well and thought others might also, I wanted to present the idea. While I have realized just trying to take pictures of these to show, I might not be the best ‘product photographer.’ But, hope that they convey to some degree how really lovely these pictures are in person.  Canvases can be purchased as gallery wraps which have part of the image on the sides, or stretched where the entire image is on the face and the sides are white, or thin wraps which are mounted on board with image on the edges and wrapped around the back, or Canvas Board such as these.

The Canvas Board option is a Giclee on museum quality canvas, printed with archival inks, and mounted on gatorboard. The image is on the face with sides white and neatly wrapped and affixed on the back. When ordering through my site the canvas is protected by a satin laminate which is a nice soft treatment. Although, gloss laminate is available on request, just not through the cart. The Canvas Board treatment is very lightweight but gatorboard is rigid and won’t warp so it makes a great product to either put in a frame or on a stand. I ordered the first one, as above, in a standard size….in this case an 11 x 14 which fits nicely into ready made frames. I didn’t show it here but I found a very attractive distressed wood frame at Pier 1, removed the glass and the matt, and the canvas board fit in perfectly with the backing in the frame. The picture above shows the canvas in an 11 x 14 ready made frame I found at the frame makers store. Frame makers will often make standard sizes of left over frame material from other jobs available. I love looking through those for good material and deals. Also, since canvas board prints are so thin, I thought it would be great to just stand them decoratively without frame on a table or mantle (you can do this with thin wraps too). I found the stands pictured here at Tuesday Morning which can be a great place to find eclectic decorative items inexpensively.

I hope you enjoy looking at these and the idea of Canvas Board for a casual canvas treatment with a great soft texture which can be affordably displayed in many ways. In case of interest, I put the gallery link on the bottom of this post along with a brief guide for finding the canvas board option. Clicking on the pictures will take you to that image in the gallery.

White Egret with Tillandsia on stand_2055-wps

 The image is a White Egret on a fallen limb with Tillandsia plants hanging on from the Big Cypress area. Here the canvas board is in a black stand without any frame for table display. The aspect ratio of the image is different than the first image and I didn’t want to crop in the shopping cart so I ordered it as an 11 x 16. Oh, the hummingbird plate is one of my mother’s china painting projects!


White Egret-Tillandsia2-photo stand_2085-wps

This and the next few images just show this image with the same photo stand for continuity.

Canvas board - Edge View_2083-wps

A view of how thin the canvas board is and how nicely it fits in this little stand.

Canvas Board Mount side view_2081-wps 

Canvas Board Back_2084-wps

This is what the back looks like of a canvas board mounting treatment.


Gallery Link: Janthina Images  Black and White Bird Portrait Gallery

Brief instructions to look around at an image and size options for canvas/canvas board:

  1. Click on desired image in the gallery.
  2. Hit Buy Photo – This Photo
  3. You’ll see Wall Art/Paper Prints/Keepsakes-Choose Wall Art
  4. Wall Art will display various canvas options: Choose Flat Mounted Canvas for the canvas board option
  5. Choose a size
  6. Add to Cart (this will not commit a purchase only get you to see or adjust crop)
  7. View Cart – here you can choose to Change the Product or you can Adjust the crop as you wish if a crop is required
  8. If you hit Change product a screen with tabs will come up where you can choose photo prints, etc, or select the canvas tab to get canvas options. Also, this area will display with each size if a Crop is required for that size choice. If  you look at the top image of this post at 11 x 14 or any of that aspect ratio, you won’t see Requires Crop there.

I know it sounds like a lot but it allows quite a bit of choice and control. Anyone interested or having difficulty with the size they are interested in just let me know and I’ll be happy to help. Additionally, any image of mine you have seen that is not in the two sale galleries I have. Just ask and I’ll put them there if you are interested in them. I plan to do more uploading with some new color images too.


Thanks for looking at this product option for the bird portraits and hope you enjoy just experimenting with it.





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