Beware of Attack Chicken


_Rainbow Cloud MorningF6A4080-wps

The month of August afforded my husband and me the opportunity to dock our Contender 35 Express boat at the Plantation Harbor Marina in Islamorada, Florida to base out of for a few weekends.  While the first  two images presented here do not entirely do justice to this wonderful facility they serve only as prelude and context to what follows….the story of our neighbors ‘attack chicken.’ Chickens belong in barnyards or farms not places where you’d dock a boat to enjoy the absolute quiet that a sultry, humid Florida summer day can offer.  Right!? Could be it is too sultry and too quiet located here among tied up vessels with occupants just waking to percolate their morning coffee and sit in boat chairs to watch the light change. This morning the predictable combination of sunlight on early rising and moisture laden clouds even produced a bit of rainbow spectrum to add to the almost unnatural quietude and serenity of the morning. Soo quiet…could be we need that chicken!!!

_Boats at Dock-F6A4085-wps-2

A small fraction of the vessels docked here at the marina waking up to a new day. Our boat is the second one in from the left visible in the photo. It is directly across from the home of the attack chicken which you can see has a bridge enclosed with some plastic panels.

_Beware of Attack Chicken-F6A3969-wps

It is not that the owners don’t make you aware there is a chicken somewhere around.

_Rooster on Dock-F6A3971-wps

And so the first morning I sat sipping my morning coffee on my gently floating boat and mulling over the amazing saturated silence only to notice a handsome rooster had walked a plank off of its vessel home onto the dock between us. It strutted a bit, up and down in front of our across the dock neighbor’s plants and proceeded to pierce the dulled silence of the humid morning doing what roosters do in the morning.

Rooster Crowing_F6A3982-wps

Rooster portrait_F6A3987-wps


So naturally the attack chicken became my first ever rooster image. Two weeks later I presented said chicken with two portraits of himself.

Rooster On Edge of Boat_F6A3998-wps

However, I am not sure he was impressed or cared enough to crow about it!!

As  post script I would like to say that his post is dedicated to Mr M.R. Emberson author of the blog,  “A Wing and A Way” The Influence of Birds on Culture. Go visit him here and see his wonderful detailed research articles. It is a wonderful site….go check it out.  His posts also feature the wonderful artwork of his wife who among many other wonderful birds drew a lovely Rooster..just a tad more flowery looking than the attack chicken of Plantation Harbor Marina, Islamorada, Florida!!

May our days be serene and punctuated never by anything more than the crow of a rooster in the morning!!

As Ever,


~ by Judy on August 26, 2016.

31 Responses to “Beware of Attack Chicken”

  1. Love the story and photos! My favorite is Rooster portrait_F6A3987-wps because it is so crisp, colors are bright and the bokeh has such pleasing colors as well.

    • Yes that is my pick of the images as well. Funny how the shifting light made the crest look more golden sometimes and more purple influence other times with that short shoot. Glad you liked the story….I was actually tickled over the whole thing and enjoyed messing with that chicken!!

      • What I would love to see is a landscape version of that photo with the rooster on the right line of thirds looking off into the dead bokeh space on the left.

        What lens/focal length/aperture did you use for this?

      • Well for the image you like best I used the EF 300mm F4L prime lens at f6.3, ISO200 SS 1/400. I had the 24-105 lens on the camera to start with so the picture on the dock where the rooster is smaller with more of the plants on the dock is with that lens. I switched to get more detail since it looked so pretty when it walked into the sun.

  2. Oh my word! I’ve never seen a rooster on a boat before, Judy! Great photos!

    • It is so true. I saw the sign the evening before when we arrived but didn’t think much beyond mild wonderment. Then out he strutted in the next morning!! The bird looked beautiful when it walked into the sun that morning. Guess I never thought of roosters as being beautiful before!! It really made me laugh to see it.

  3. Delightful post and photos, Judy. “May our days be serene and punctuated never by anything more than the crow of a rooster in the morning!!” Indeed!

    You have far more equanimity than I do. 🙂

    A couple of years ago, while dog walking for a vacationing neighbor around sunrise, the LabraDoodle and I discovered a chicken coop on the property of an otherwise perfectly normal 19th century New England house. The Rooster was out and about broadcasting his virility to the world. Very striking. And glad I didn’t live nearby. Very glad. 🙂 Best, Babsje

    • I have definitely known of unhappy neighbors living in proximity to someone who thought a rooster in a residential area was a good idea. But I have three reasons for being charmed rather than bothered…1)it was so unexpected 2)I was only visiting and 3) I can’t hear the rooster anyhow, I can only see that he is crowing (hearing loss). No fair right? LOL!! But, still, if that was the worst thing that pierced our peace…we’d be doing ok!! 🙂

      • Indeed. You have a wonderful sense of equanimity about it. Lovely. I could learn from you, but I’m afraid I’m too sleep-deprived at the moment, lol. Really gorgeous Rooster photos and all the better for being such an unexpected photo subject for your blog. Best, Babsje

      • My goodness, I am sorry about the sleep deprivation…..I hate it when that happens….can definitely mess with one’s harmony!! Hope you can get caught up over the weekend!!

      • Thanks, that’s the plan, but need to get out on the water early, before the crowds. It has been so hot & humid here that hordes descend early, and there is often a mile-long line of cars waiting before the parking opens. We are fortunate to have such a wildlife area, but sometimes I need to be there before 4am!! Bring on the roosters. Best, Babsje

      • A late reply but hope that you did get out early and get some relaxation in AND some good shots….and some Z’s too!!

      • Thanks. On a scale of 1 to 10, it was a 15. 🙂 Best, Babsje

  4. What an idyllic place, Judy. The little “attack chicken” seems to be really enjoying himself, strutting and crowing along the dock. (By the way, I love the little sign. The rooster just wanted to make sure everyone got up early enough to relish the beautiful morning.) Your pictures of him and Plantation Harbor are vivid and lovely. It seems like the perfect getaway! And thanks so much for your kind words about my blog and my wife’s illustration. I hope you have a great weekend!

    • It was a relaxing experience away from the pace of life. There is tons of traffic getting into the Keys, but once you are at your destination whether a quaint inn or a marina, it is extremely quiet and serene. You don’t have to go out and snorkel or fish to enjoy it, just sitting and looking at the other boats and the silky water is just so pleasant and renewing. The one area where there was activity was the little ramp they have which had quite a few small vessels putting in and taking out…in easy view from our spot. If you are a resident of Islamorada I think the ramp use is free. But, if not it is 15.00 in and 15.00 to take it out. And, if the vessel comes back after 6:OO the gate is closed. A couple of boats I guess had to pull out elsewhere because they make no exceptions after 6pm. So oops.

      So entertaining.

  5. Well, Judy, I guess your hearing loss is a boon, in this case! lol.
    It’s interesting, but when you said “attack chicken” it never entered my head it would be a Rooster. You see, I don’t think of roosters as chickens, to me they are, well, roosters. Chickens are those things that lay eggs! Got it!! LOL. 😉
    BTW, did Rooster have any chickens to boss around on that boat? It would be very said if he didn’t.
    Your photos are fabulous…handsome devil!

    • Right, I kind of felt the same way. You think of a hen as a chicken but a rooster is a rooster. But, chickens they both are. Took me aback too at first…our perceptions and all!! And, no our Rooster appears to be a bachelor with only humans for company…maybe a gull or two which might fly by.

      I agree that he is quite handsome and was most impressed with his coloring when the early sunlight hit those marvelous feathers. I have a new appreciation of Roosters.

  6. A very entertaining post. And terrific rooster shots! Love your final lines 🙂

    • Oh thanks, glad you enjoyed the attack chicken aka marina rooster. Yeah, I think the rooster crowing brings us back to a more natural earthy sense away from the hurried world.

  7. Actually, I love the sound of a rooster crowing in the morning. When I get the chance to see the rooster, too, it’s double pleasure, and to have such a handsome one around? Well, your photos are just perfection.

    Does he have a name? Surely he does. I had a pet rooster in Liberia for a while. His name was Mr. McBawk. He wasn’t so handsome, but he could crow. Unfortunately, he took to crowing at 3 and 4 a.m., which didn’t amuse my neighbor so much. He was a surgeon at the hospital, and had erratic hours. He did guard his sleep. Eventually, we reached an accomodation of sorts. Everyone was satisfied except Mr. McBawk, who landed on the dinner table once I sold him to the good doctor.

    • I actually love or loved the sound of a rooster crowing also. Out of my hearing range now but still something pure and evocative about it. You bring up a good point, I neglected to ask the rooster’s name being satisfied I guess with ‘attack chicken.’ I ‘ll have to see if I can find out. Would be interesting to know.

      Now as to your Mr. McBawk…..some compromise!! LOL!! Great name though. 🙂

  8. Love that second photo of the rooster ~ fantastic, and every now and then when you are in such a peaceful quiet place, a little crowing of the rooster can liven things up 🙂 A good looking bird!

  9. Seems you had a nice vacation, too!
    I’ve a Facebook friend, a minister who has recently moved from Manhattan to the countryside, and the sound of a nearby rooster is actually one of the things she welcomes every day . . . after being greatly startled the first time!
    And I’m in agreement on the favorite photo.

  10. Hee hee… The look on that rooster is classic. He definitely has the attitude — cock ‘o the walk — and he knows it. What a cutie. 🙂

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