Gators in Reflected Waters – Big Cypress


Gator Reflections and Harsh Light

A trip to the Everglades is not really complete without a chance to sight an alligator or two. While I had planned to post the pictures of alligators along the banks of the swamp I couldn’t seem to get away from the watery reflected images instead. And so here are three for you. I am in hopes that they look fine to the viewer as my new IOLs seem to be flaring in the highlight areas which made it interesting to process. Perhaps I am digging in too soon since my second cataract was replaced just the day before yesterday with a nice new man made  Tecnis lens. I suppose I should be a better patient but since I had a chance to stay home and heal, well the computer beckoned!!

Even when you have your eye out for an alligator sighting, you can be looking right at one, lost in the myriad reflections before you realize you are being watched. I find the skin of the alligator, considering it is such a tough hide and seems so dark,  in harsh light  can really deliver highlights if you aren’t careful. Perhaps it is the water that amplifies the brightness in these cases. Image one was in rather harsh light facing into the direction of the light, the other two a little more forgiving. The third image really is intended to show how camouflaged the alligator can be drifting along right in front of you. Your attention is caught so by the reflections in the water and the pretty colors, then you see a round eye reflected upon itself just watching.

gator reflections_F6A2282-wps

Gator Camouflaged by Reflections

See him?


~ by Judy on March 16, 2016.

9 Responses to “Gators in Reflected Waters – Big Cypress”

  1. These are fantastic photos, Judy! He’s a big one. 🙂

    • Yeah, I am always happy when the bigger ones stay put and just let me take their picture. But, this day there were all sizes to be seen here and there if you looked!! Glad you enjoyed them.

  2. Wonderful photos!! Yet another gem of the swamps… My favorites! Although, hee, these guys don’t necessary stand out quite so much as the lovely bright white egrets or herons. 🙂

    • That is true and exactly why you can look right at them and not see them at times. Then when you do, especially if they have drifted close, you see them with a start!! LOL!! But, gators for some reason are endlessly fascinating when you get the chance to see one and watch. Maybe because they seem a relic of pre-history in some evocative way!!

  3. That third photo reminds me of the guy who was hanging around one of our marinas last year. I was working on a boat, and kept having the feeling that someone was watching. Indeed, someone was. Only his eyes and a bit of his head were above water, and since we have such muddy water, there wasn’t even any color contrast. “Startled” describes it perfectly.

    I just can’t pick a favorite among these. They’re each different, and each quite wonderful. I’d take the first for color and light, the second for the sense of movement, and the third for the hidden, impressionistic view.

    • That is pretty much exactly what I saw in those three. The second one with the motion has been growing on me actually. I like the bright green one, but the tones in that middle picture, really do look nice and kind of artsy least on my iPad!!

      I know on startled! Even when you are in an area actively looking out for alligators, when suddenly you focus on those eyes, its always with a little involuntary jump. Always fun!

      I love all your reasons!! Thanks!!

  4. You’re right of that third one. I didn’t immediately see it. Excellent photos (as usual) and not a clue that you could be having visual problems. I do worry of the same things myself, though for other reasons. And all screens are different, especially depending upon the device. So my graphics could look cool on mine, but another see it as a mess. Ho-hum. The nature of the game.

    • Yeah, you always wonder about different viewing monitors. I tend to edit on my brighter computer at home (no matter how I dampen the brightness, it is too bright really), so afterwards I will see what images look like on the iPad or my dimmer office monitor. Usually it is ok all ’round. Somewhere along the line I realized that if the color is slightly different on various monitors, just because it might not be exactly every nuance you the artist tried to make, it is still ok and not to angst over it.

      Your graphics have never looked like a mess!! They look good and well colored on all my devices!! Not to worry.

  5. Wow must be amazing seeing them in the wild. I have only seen crocs in wildlife parks Judy. I have always had a fascination for documentaries on them. To sit, observe and capture on your camera must be a wonderful experience. I hope you are healing well.

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