White Egret – Romance and the Egg

White Egret Mating Pair Tending One Blue Egg

Besides getting to see the Great Blue Heron chicks doing so well last Sunday, other species were very active also. It was a busy day at the rookery!! White Egrets are inherently lovely and always welcome in any photographer’s view finder. And, so it was that I was able to observe, at a location I believe vacated by  some Great Blue Herons, a pair of nesting White Egrets! Initially, the mating pair pictured in this post tried to mate but were rudely interrupted by the arrival of a third egret who seemed to want to break things up. Bird hormones can run rampant as much as any species! The images I am showing here are part of a mating sequence later in the day. I can’t think of any creature that looks more pure and gentle going about this process than the bird with the beautiful bridal train of white aigrettes. Ironic that once upon a time the very plumes meant to attract a mate were the very thing that nearly caused their extinction when they were killed in their nests to provide fancy decorations for ladies hats!!  Since the ornamental breeding feathers begin to fall off shortly after the arrival of chicks, the plume hunters wanted them at their prime of beauty!

White Egret Pair Together Tending the first egg

White Egrets Tending their first baby blue egg. Blue must be the most common of egg shell colors among various heron species as all the eggs I’ve seen so far are indeed blue.

White Egrets at Home with One Egg

Keeping house!!

White Egret Making His Move

Then he makes his move!!

White Egrets Mating - He Makes his Move

White Egrets Mating

White Egrets Mating with aigrettes a flyin'

White Egrets Mating with beautiful romantic aigrettes

And now we know the answer to the proverbial question, “What came first–the Egret or the Egg? 


Vicariously (I mean scientifically) yours,


~ by Judy on May 22, 2013.

9 Responses to “White Egret – Romance and the Egg”

  1. Thank you Judy,,,,what a Dance!…yesterday I was able to see a Bald Eagle here on a pole , sitting awaiting its mate. A few days ago there was two but yesterday when I had my binoculars , only saw one…I’ll keep an eye out for them,,,but so cool to see Eagles in the wild at the Great Outdoors Titusville…

    • Were you in Titusville recently? The Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge is there and a wonderful area to go bird watching!! Followed over to your site and it looks great!! Your dog breeding looks wonderful and successful!!

  2. Wow! these are great! Love seeing the green breeding lores on the egrets!

    • Yeah!! Getting to watch the birds and how their coloring changes or intensifies to attract a mate is completely interesting. In the beginning these things confused me as I did not realize they changed so much and even eye color!!

  3. I found an egret egg on a dock once. It just was lying there, with no one around. No doubt an especially young and inexperienced mama had laid it! I brought it home and it was fine for months, until Dixie Rose bumped it out of its dish. It was the prettiest thing.

    Your photos are great. They’re such beautiful birds, and obviously have more class than the laughing gulls who are mating around here now. Have you every come across that scene? In the process, the male flaps his wings and makes such a racket it’s unbelievable, as though he’s saying, “Look at me! Look at me!”

    Then there’s my poor boy-pigeon, who’s spent the past two weeks spinning and dancing on my balcony railing, trying to get one of the girls to accept him. No luck so far. I tell him he’s too good for them, and not to worry – the right girl will come along eventually!

  4. Ah, I was just watching these guys in the rookery…. And they performed the same sequence, haha! They’re busy sweethearts. 🙂 LOVE the images and the fact that you got the egg, too. Just lovely.

    • Yes they are busy..twice in one space of time last visit!! First occurance though either another male or another female flew in and made a drama of the scene!! The instinct to reproduce defines life though!!

  5. […] Egret nest I have enjoyed following so far this season. It is the same nest described in my earlier Romance and the Egg post. One of the two chicks pictured in this follow up, I am sure is from that single first blue […]

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