Elegant Thatcheria Shell in BW


I’ve offered views of the Thatcheria shell a few times in still life but cannot seem to entirely stay away from this elegant form. In prior efforts I seemed to have trouble getting this front view of the shell as it sits more easily oriented the other way, perhaps some non permanent adhesive to position things that tend to roll might help in the future. Certainly the Thatcheria itself is stunning from any angle.  While I’d intended a single simple black and white image, I did get tempted to play with some background blending for and alternate texture. I thought the texture looked  a bit like stone and that the shell structure played nicely off of it. Hope you find it interesting.




May what remains of Sunday be peaceful as the busy work week looms.


~ by Judy on October 14, 2018.

11 Responses to “Elegant Thatcheria Shell in BW”

  1. Judy,
    Elegant image!

  2. The elegance of the first photo strikes me. Yet I find I prefer the second image. The texture of the background helps to pull out the texture of the shell. But whereas the background is what could be called chunky, while the shell’s echo of it is delicate. Effect: the rough background emphasises and enhances the delicacy of the shell.

  3. I do like them both, but I prefer the first, because of the play of light and shadow. The second image seems flat to me; in the first, it’s as though the light is emanating from the shell itself. I think the pattern in the shell’s more apparent in the first, too, because it doesn’t have to compete with the background pattern.

    For your adhesive, you might try the stuff people use to keep things from moving around during earthquakes. QuakeHold is good — it’s museum quality, so there’s not a chance it would harm anything, and of course it’s reusable.

    • I agree, forms like the shell do have wonderful tonal textures. No one can wreck a Thatcheria image I don’t think. Did I already say some all it the Japanese Wonder Shell? I like the texture background concept but the other image does focus the attention on those shades, shadows and tones better.

      I had thought of that sticky stuff they put on removable paper in magazines or mailings that peel off and rolls into a ball. I will look up Quake hold. I do still shots in the simplest of ways and planning more might give me betters results when the object misbehaves. 🙂

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