Great Blue Heron in December


Just a small indulgence to get back in the rhythm of the birds and artistic endeavors. This considering I have missed most of the 2018 nesting season and was unable to get out today yet felt motivated to do something. I was surprised in looking at my file folders that I have not taken any pictures, save some at my father’s funeral in February which I have not loaded up yet, since the shoot this bird was part of in December of last year. I had basically rejected that shoot as not being particularly worthy photographically but was a welcomed respite just hiking around. Still, I did like the elegant pose of this Great Blue Heron despite the fact that the capture image falls quite short. Not the heron’s fault of course as it gave me all the beauty it had.

The image was fairly dark and low contrast being late day and the sun not really hitting this section of the tree island very well. Being December, the leaves were also not particularly beautiful as they are in spring and were quite tattered by birds beginning to nest. So this image, for better or worse, involves darkening and blurring the background, bringing out the bird from it, and then filtering for some lighting which was not there onto the bird and selected leaves. Trying to minimize a tangled background is not always the easiest thing for me but I hope that the bird itself carries the image enough for an enjoyable view.

Now to get back out there!!! I really need an everglades or big cypress swamp fix.









~ by Judy on April 15, 2018.

13 Responses to “Great Blue Heron in December”

  1. Not the best conditions or not, I like that heron. He/she has an odd luminescence about it. Possibly due to the lighting conditions.

    • I am glad the look of the image is ok. I did add some light for interest as well as contrast due t the flat nature of the capture. Birds do tend to come home to roost at day’s end. I like it best when they appear before the sun gets too low so that they are lit so beautifully in golden light. Gray but light days with cloud coverage works very well as the harsh shadows are diffused and flattering to the subject.

      • I’ve found overcast days are best for flowers, too. The sharp contrast of bright light isn’t so easy to handle. But yea, that heron is great.

  2. We have one that lives around the lake behind our home. They’re such beautiful creatures…especially in flight.

    • Yeah I think any of us who live in areas where we see the big herons in daily life are most fortunate! The Great White Heron is what got me into taking bird pictures to start with!!

  3. Judy, whatever you did in processing has created a very enjoyable image. It has beautiful colors, and looks like it is in 3-D. That heron should be thankful.

    • That is a nice thought. Maybe I can develop a heron following….they can turn down portraits by those other photographers. 🙂

  4. The image gives me great comfort, so I am glad that you found it worthy of sharing with us! You have such a gift of not only capturing the beauty of these birds, but also conveying your deep love and connection with them.

  5. This is beautiful work ~ an almost surreal, brilliance you give this already elegant bird. Beautiful shot Judy.

  6. This is fabulous, Judy. The background actually reminds me of the textured backgrounds you used for some of your still-life arrangements. I suspect you have the skill to remove this handsome bird, and have one of your very own hand-made textures for other sorts of photos.

    As for the bird himself, it’s nice to see a photo with such contrast. While they’re always handsome and imposing, their color doesn’t always lend itself to the dramatic shot. This is dramatic, yet not overstated: perfect.

  7. So glad you’re back, Judy, what a beauty! Best, Babsje

  8. Hi Judy, I hope the summer is treating you well and you find an opportunity for some photography and posts. Wishing you well.

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