TGIF – Baby Wood Stork Says it All !!

Baby Wood Stork Says it All!!

It’s Friday!! A long exhausting week of sibling rivalry and food getting. At the end of a long, hot Spring day with remnants of daylight filtering in to brighten green leaves and fern around the nest, this Baby Wood Stork says it all. I can hardly hold my head up myself!!







~ by Judy on April 28, 2017.

12 Responses to “TGIF – Baby Wood Stork Says it All !!”

  1. Yes, I know the feeling. TGIF!

  2. ah, that’s a great finale for the work week! may everyone enjoy a well-earned weekend, hopefully immersed in nature!

    • Oh great to see you in the neighborhood!! I hope to get out again, can’t believe how hot it was out at the rookery. When I saw the little guy, I thought, oh man me too!! 🙂

      • si; it’s been stifling hot here on the coast as well. most of my friends agree that it’s hotter than usual and has been for a few years…

      • At least we have the sea breezes to moderate things….the ocean is the great thermoregulator!! The people and the birds were feeling it for sure.

  3. Lovely little fella (or is it female). And I do wish the weather here was hotter enough to produce that sweltered look. I’m out hunting photos today, but I know I shan’t find anything like this. If I’m lucky I might manage to scoop a robin, or blackbird, or crow.

    • Good shooting to you! I always look forward to your wanderings on your beautiful isle!! Crows and blackbirds can be most interesting with all their iridescence! And a red red robin….have none of those to my name!!

  4. I didn’t read a word before I started laughing. This is such a wonderful photo — full of expression, and humor. The life of these creatures isn’t all sunshine and regurgitated fish, after all! Good for you, for capturing this bit of cross-species reality!

    • I had visited this nest a few times wandering around the rookery. This little guy was very active head tilting and flapping to get its parent’s attention and some fish juice. I’ll put up a couple more of this series. But, at the end of the day as I was leaving, hot and tired at sundown, I saw the little guy with his head hanging down at the edge of the nest and did just laugh thinking ….exactly!!!

  5. Wonderful image, Judy, and your commentary is so fitting! 🙂

    • I laughed when I saw the little thing with its head and beak hanging over the nest because it was sooo how I felt. I am sure other visitors thought I was a crazy lady! Had to get that shot for sure!!

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