Plume Shadows – Color

Plume Shadows - color - 4844

It is interesting sometimes what drives someone’s artistic endeavors whether it starts from the capture point where you decide where to stand for your composition, whether it starts when  you look at your files via the computer, or whether it is entirely driven by the one photo in front of you as you see that one thing, right then regardless of any vision you may have had on site. I seem to be a one photo at a time person and have never ever tried to do batch adjustments. This is why I take forever I suppose. Sometimes I even forget what I intended and sometimes the image I expected the least of might be one I like best out of a shoot. I really seem to let the image call the shots at the time I begin to work on it kind of like a character in a book can get away from whatever the writer thought they intended.

So here is this image I worked on ages ago and saw only as a black and white because of all the texture and feather detail and the marvelous geometry of those parallel plume shadows and so that is what I did with it and never looked at it again. You might remember it from the previous post called Plume Shadows from back in 2014.

Since I decided to put images on Alamy, the stock photo site, to see if some of my work might have usefulness for things like nature calendars or maybe even artistic purposes for someone who can use the compositions or poses for something, that has forced me to look back and see what I  have. I may never get to taking any new pictures at the rate I am going though. I posted the black and white with them and thought I should put the image up in color as well. A prospective buyer, I am sure, would have a lot more options with a color image than my previous treatment.

Perhaps some might have wondered at the past post what it did look like in color, so I thought I ought to show it here too. The bird is in full breeding colors with the deep blue lore and reddish streaking to the otherwise yellowish bill. The beak is rather beautiful in color.  The detail of all the feathers just adds to how magnificent the Great Blue Herons are. The feathers vary so much between the ones at the wing margins, the wings, chest, legs of the bird, the distinctive black at the crest and those terrific plumes. I can still remember the first time I got a close look at a Great Blue and realized how complex its coloring and feather structure really is. I thought they were all pretty much gray blue birds with a black crest swoop and that was it so I was completely fascinated.

Sorry for the wordy intro for Plume Shadows in color and hope you enjoy him in all his glory.


Happy Trails,





~ by Judy on September 14, 2016.

28 Responses to “Plume Shadows – Color”

  1. Oh! He is gorgeous!

  2. I like the colour on this, soft yet vital. Good choice to let his colours shine through!

    • Oh good, makes me glad I went ahead and put up another view of this capture. I’d say that more people like things in color so it is fair to have the option I think.

      • Yet B&W can be very effective. Startling in its contrasts. I suppose it depends on the setting. Sometimes soft colouring works better. We don’t always want to be startled. 🙂 Swings & roundabouts.

      • Maybe we are the same in liking a lot of different versions of things just depends on what you are driven to do first when have that canvas in front of you….or blank page.

      • I hate blank sheets. I have to do something. Anything. Some writers find that first word or sentence the hardest. But I just plunge straight in. It can always be changed later. Same with designs etc. Get something down. Then consider it. Then amend it. Or scrap it. Just don’t sit and stare and begin then to panic so the brain goes numb and nothing gets down.

      • I think you are correct. Too many of us spin our wheels in indecision. I like the stream of consciousness idea where you do just write and let it flow regardless of technical details which can always be fixed later.

  3. The blue of the sky certainly does set off his colouring to perfection! Glad you showed us and, yes, I can identify with you about your editing process…lol!

    • Crazy isn’t it that we can sometimes tilt off in one direction and never head off on a different road with the same thing. But, sometimes it is worth a relook!

  4. He looks deep in thought. Great shot, Judy!

    • True, he does appear to be somewhat pensive or deep in thought. Maybe we personify but birds do seem to have expressions which humans can relate to.

  5. Judy, now you have made it hard for me. I can’t decide on which one I like better, the monochrome from 2014 or this one in color. 🙂

  6. Wow! Composition amazing and the detail of the feathers I could look at all day it is a stunning piece Judy and I could not do it justice as an artist, it is perfection already.

    • Oh Yay, Thanks!! Glad you had time to stop in and look at him!! I am sure anything you would paint or draw would do justice to any creature. After all I still look at my beautiful ostrich you drew and continue to be amazed at how beautiful you made the eyes!!

  7. I tend to prefer color to black and white, most of the time. This is an interesting one, though, because the subdued colors, and the various shades of gray, blue, and brown, all help to highlight the feathers as well as the black and white. The lines, and the light and the shadow, play just as well as in the B&W. In fact, I think the shadows are more noticeable here — and what a wonderful photo it is!

  8. I went back to look at the black-and-white, but I have to say that this color version really struck me hard when I saw it.

  9. This is great Judy ~ there is something about subtle color that can be so captivating, especially in wildlife photography. While the B&W is powerful, I really like the way the color struck my feelings when seeing this. Beautiful shot.

  10. This is probably one of my favorites… Honestly, what a gorgeous portrait. Just stunning. I love how you can see his eye; it’s such a sensitive capture. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL in itself, then with the juxtaposition of his magnificent colors… Wow!

    • The image definitely has the most feather detail. If you look on an iPad or a touch screen where you can really zoom in on it, there is detail where I never saw it before ….like the little feathers under the chest plumes and the detail of the rust colored feathers. That the bird looks lost in thought and with the shadow of the plumes I think gives it a mood too. I think this picture was from my second outing with the 300mm prime. A good lens does make a difference all other things being equal.

  11. Gosh the detail in the feather’s is perfection Judy, simply wonderful. You are so gifted.

  12. Lovely, Judy! I took one look and instantly remembered your B&W version, which is exquisite. Thanks for letting us see them both. Best, Babsj

    • Yes, yes I very much remember you liked the black and white of Plume Shadows. That was really nice too!! Happy that you saw its colors as well.

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