Wood Storks at Nest & A Cute Preen » Wood Stork Tail Preen-9417

2 Responses to “Wood Stork Tail Preen-9417”

  1. oh! this is beautiful. What great color in the beak.

    • I have not researched it thoroughly but I think that wood storks must take on color in their beaks when nesting like other birds do. Cattle egrets, Great Blue Herons, and White Egrets besides the brilliant changes in lores, also get deepening reds or streaks of color in their bills courtesy of bird hormones. Wood stork bill can be rather dark and charcoal looking but often the bill has a lovely kind of walnut tone, very woody looking and sometimes like this one with a bit more yellow or sometimes more pinkish like mahogany. Time of day probably helps as late day images tend to offer some warm light unless you correct it out of your picture, but I like late day tones.

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