White Egret – Big Cypress Preserve

White Egret - Big Cypress Preserve

Sometimes a White Egret looks like a very large bird and  sometimes in the wide tangle of places like Big Cypress Preserve perched within the vertical geometry of a cypress forest, it is a small blended element of a larger whole, surprisingly easy to miss. Big Cypress in the winter time has such lovely muted colors. The sky is paler blue between gray-brown stretches of cypress limbs. A white bird perches amid the gray-mossy greens of the ubiquitous Tillandsia fasciculata  bromeliad plants that I so love. The only really dramatic color being the red bracts stemming from this everglades epiphyte. Although, I love the colors all year ’round, I love the lower numbers of mosquitoes and delightful temps at Big Cypress in the winter. Well, and the fact that bird nesting season in Florida coincides with those pleasant temps, all ideal for seeing birds dressed in their very best!! Hope you enjoy these elegant cypress dwellers!!

White Egret - Up in Cypress Trees



~ by Judy on March 15, 2016.

17 Responses to “White Egret – Big Cypress Preserve”

  1. Beautiful photos.

  2. Such an elegant (and yet somehow snuggly) bird. And I guess all went well–unless this was pre-scheduled post.

    • Heaven forbid I should ever do anything as organized as pre-scheduling a post!! Home today, as first day post op being conservative with the eye!! Second cataract surgery went very well and I am much more comfortable with the second eye. Maybe I just knew more what to expect? And, I feel the light aberrations will fade off as my brain filters then out. Yea!!! All is good!!

      • Is good. I’m glad.

      • Me glad too!

      • Thank you Brian!! All is going pretty well and expect better and better over time. While right now I deal with some aberrations, it would truly be shame on me to not notice how beautiful the light looks and how I can see the texture of my carpet. The vision is so pretty. I hope never to take it for granted or needlessly obsess over the fact that these are man-made lenses and not the ones I was born with and my brain will neuroadapt. As long as the eyes are healthy I am good!!

  3. He’s a handsome fella and he looks so proud. Beautiful photos, Judy.

    • Oh thanks for this comment. I lean towards the darker backgrounds and forget sometimes how nice the lighter more understated color palette can also be!! Your input is appreciated!!

  4. Both pictures are really beautiful! After cataract surgery, have you found it easier to shoot photos?

    • Well I don’t know yet. My husband figuring I might be out of commission for a month as far as being in the field, took me to one of my favorite places right before surgery one. It turned out to be such a great day that I’ll post more from that outing. But I did choose these two to work on a little bit with new lenses in my eyes. Seeing if my new color perception makes a difference. Not sure if new work will be much different. But looking at some older things, the images are less yellow than I thought. And some black and whites which were looking dim look wonderful now. I am sure I will be more accurate on the color temp now though. Will try out looking in the viewfinder in a day or so. Just did right eye yesterday. Good question!

  5. What a perfect capture of the ‘glades…. Sigh!

    • Sometimes when we drive out to Big Cypress, I have images in my head like the dark water with the Snowy Egret lit by the light filtering in through the canopy. I forget how much I do like those really muted colors you see in other cypress forest sections where more light gets in with blue sky visible through the trees. It can all be very light and airy instead of dark and gloomy. I need to be reminded from time to time for certain. And, you are right these images are very typical of what you would see. Come on down!!

      • I do love those glimmers of light (especially with the birds) among the swamp. They’re like jewels, in there. I’ve been researching in my spare time (cue hysterical laughter) how long it would take to get down to at least the southern GA / northern FL swamps, even for a long weekend. Now’s the perfect time, I think!! Knowing me, I’ll wait until July, and muck through the swamps with the mosquitos, large enough to fly me away… 🙂

  6. Judy this is such a beautiful composition. The contrast of the white and the flora surrounding the egret is simply stunning.

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