Big Cypress Snowy Egret

Big Cypress Snowy Egret

Snowy Egret - Big Cypress Preserve - Florida

I had a little time to kill waiting until time to leave for the aforementioned cataract surgery appointment, so thought I’d distract myself by reviewing some of my pictures from Saturday along Loop Road in the Big Cypress Preserve area of Big Cypress Swamp. I picked this Snowy Egret out of the group as they can be very shy at times and I felt fortunate to be able to take picture of this one in such a nice setting. Everything thing seems special and different when you are in Big Cypress as the swamp water is cool and clear, the air is sweet, and I never tire of the sight of cypress trees or peering into the light filtered shadows like a kid looking for a hidden treasure.


~ by Judy on February 24, 2016.

31 Responses to “Big Cypress Snowy Egret”

  1. Nah, it’s because you know I like herons and egrets.:)

  2. Look at those feet! It’s a wonderful photo, and he has lovely feathers and all that, but I keep looking at him and hearing this.

  3. He’s a beauty! Good luck with the surgery, Judy.

    • Thanks for the comment and well wishes. Things are going along fine. Have a little shadow issue to resolve but other wise colors are glorious and second surgery in a week. Did not realize I was viewing with world with such a yellow filter…thought it was only fog!! I remember.

  4. Beautiful image – he looks like he’s wearing gloves! Hope the surgery goes well, good luck!

    • They call the Snowy the bird with the Golden Slipper. But the feet do look kind of hand-like so it does look like gloves or those individually toes kind of slippers they have now. All is well so far on surgery. One down one to go!

  5. What a beauty!

    • Nature does treat us to such wonders!! And, Florida has more than its share of beautiful birds to keep me enthralled! Thanks for commenting.

  6. Beautiful image, Judy. I hope your surgery goes really well and that your healing time is super quick.

    • Thanks Sandy!! Really the surgery was perfect and no pain whatsoever. More anxiety than anything else. I had forgotten what the world looked like without a yellow fog filter covering everything. It is like, oh, I remember that now! Next one in a week!!

  7. And I like the reflection, too. Good luck with the surgery.

    • Funny you mention that reflection. I look at pictures sometimes and love everything but, then there is something that bothers me. I want to work more with this image and the thing I debate is that reflection. Is it better to crop upwards and show less of it since it cuts off where the birds head would begin to appear in the reflection. Do we like a decapitated reflection? So less or find whole reflection that is the question? LOL, geeze…that is my torment.

      Surgery ok, one down one to go!

      • Well, my opinion may be at variance with many, but I get tired of perfect reflections in photographs. Usually reflections in water aren’t perfect. That doesn’t mean they can’t add to the picture. The current arrangement gives the actual bird a dominant but not overwhelming position vis-a-vis the reflection, as the talons are just below the midpoint. Is that what you want?

      • LOL!! Well, I don’t mind the distortions at all just where my frame cuts off. Distortions give a certain painterly feel looked at up close. But, you make the ultimate point, that the bird be dominant and not the reflection. And that is what is desired here for sure. I know what you mean about perfect reflections, it can be nice but I know what you mean totally. Perfect opinion I would say!! 🙂

  8. What a beautiful scene…. I just love the contrast of the swamp’s darkness and the egret’s glowing light. MUCH LUCK AND LOVE with your surgery!

    • I agree that the white bird against the shiny dark water of the swamp does seem to glow in the light filtering in. Snowy’s are so quick it is nice to get such a nice pose.

      Thanks for luck!! So far so good, and one more to do. Have a little shadow t mentally phase out but colors are glorious.

  9. Such a gorgeous photo, Judy! All the best with your surgery!

    • Thanks for stopping by with well wishes….so far so good and enjoying seeing colors they way they are supposed to be seen. Amazing with all the sensibility I have editing photos and concern with warm light or cool light etc, that I didn’t realize how yellow my fuzzy world had become.

  10. Wow, if there ever was a portrait of royalty needed for the Snowy Egret, it is here. Wonderful, and wish you well ~

    • The Snowy is looking rather regal I’d agree!! I look forward to working a bit more with this series for a print. Thanks for well wishes….all is great, color is great!! Gotta love it what technology we really do have.

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