Janthina Images renews 15% discount coupon for Holiday Savings

Janthina Images 15% Off Holiday Coupon


This Snowy Egret with its bright red lore against a field of green pond apple leaves, flies in with Holiday Savings.   Janthina Images renews its 15% Discount Coupon for Holiday Savings through November and December so that it might be helpful to those considering Florida bird, lighthouse, or landscape print images or products for holiday gift giving. While the Snowy might be flying in early with this offering, print on demand products do require some lead time and so wanted to give that advantage.Feather right

Visit http://www.janthinaimages.com in order to view the sale galleries and shopping cart options. Your visits either here at WordPress or at the gallery site are always welcomed. Feeling that photographs have absolutely no value if not looked at, I am so grateful to have the technology and places to share them and people who enjoy looking at them.


~ by Judy on October 31, 2015.

2 Responses to “Janthina Images renews 15% discount coupon for Holiday Savings”

  1. You’re absolutely right — photos are made to be looked at, and admired. This has to be the most Christmas-friendly tropical bird I’ve seen. The cardinal always gets top billing, it seems, but this one looks just as much like the holiday season!

  2. Hey, I must just tell you this. The Little Egret is a rare visitor to this part of the world. So imagine my surprise when, deep in the heart of Norfolk (not even on the bird-reserve splattered coast) I saw a Little Egret. Of course, it had disappeared off before I managed to slip the backpack off, fumble with zips, and retrieve my phone. One great photo opportunity missed. It wasn’t even out in the wilds, but slap-bang in the middle of a village that straddles a busy trunk road–the River Tas (not exactly a large body of water) was the only wet environment around.

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