A Pebbled Landscape

Iguana Landscape

Is it a relief map with pointy peaks, a volcano and geological folds in the earth?? Or does nature just mimic these features in a multitude of ways? No, it is the skin of a creature which has taken over the South Florida lizard scene…the cold sensitive but ubiquitous green iguana! The little pointy peaks look a little like Hershey’s Kisses or conversely the inspiration for some kind grungy nail head design. Who knew it was iguana skin?

Ok it is not a test. At least not that kind. I am getting ready for a trip and was debating whether to take my small sensor camera or my full sensor camera so I wanted to test the two lenses I was taking to be sure they were in good working order. I decided to take the full sensor 5D since I plan some landscape type pictures and people pictures as opposed to birds and have to travel very light. Decisions had to be made. So I explored my yard and was surprised to find three bright green iguanas hanging out on the dock. Two of them scattered rather quickly but one rewarded me with its cold stare… though poised to run and alert the whole time.

I just wanted to share a little play before I hit the skyways!!

Oh I did a previous post on the green iguana HERE..there is a bit more information on them.

Green Iguana on dock

Green Iguana on Dock-West End

Golden Eye of the Green Iguana

James Patterson or no? Does that look like a defiant pupil?

Happy Trails


~ by Judy on October 18, 2015.

11 Responses to “A Pebbled Landscape”

  1. I met a fella, once, with eyes like that. Alcohol, I think, or drugs. But lizards, now, illogically I think they’re the bee’s knees. Illogical because I find their legless relatives quite shiversome and repulsive.
    Brilliant photos, as usual.

    • It is true, I don’t find lizards nearly as potentially threatening as snakes. Plus, they don’t slither, they run lightly with a pleasant clack of their nails on the wood. I don’t like to see them at the bird rookery though since they are a threat to the eggs, but I love their prehistoric appearance. Can’t help but want them in your viewfinder!

      Here’s to avoiding the lounge lizards or snakey guys!!

  2. Just wonderful. The details are phenomenal — on the first and last, did you use a macro lens, or is that just your wonderful skill at work? I love the lizards, and I especially like that this one decided to just hang around and let you play. It’s so much easier that way!

    Have fun playing on your trip. Maybe you’ll even find a pebbled beach or two!

    • No not a macro lens, but it was as close as the 300mm prime would let me get to the lizard. That prime gives me great detail whether feathered or scaled beasty. I did apply some tonal contrast to the picture to help with good detail on the section. Macro is in my future though and I look forward to getting closer, especially to things like insects. Glad you found the iguana skin interesting..looks kind of like paver bricks too.

  3. What gorgeous, amazing details you’ve captured on these guys… Such a beautifully intense landscape! They’ve always scattered when I try to get so close, sigh. And that eye – so primordial and mysterious! LOVE. (Probably why I have such a fascination / love of my gators!)

  4. Loving the colours and textures what an amazing creature Judy.

  5. These are such amazing & brilliant shots Judy. Fantastic colors and detail…

    • Gosh, thank you! I am glad you liked my resident lizard!! Well, maybe he’s resident, have not looked around lately to see which of the bright green photo subjects might be still hanging out at my dock.

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