Janthina Image offers 15% Fall Savings Coupon


Janthina Images 15% Off Fall Coupon

Janthina Images is offering a Fall Savings Coupon for 15% off of the orders of any print or product in its sales galleries…see the top two galleries on the Janthina Images Sale Galleries page and there are some Janthina print ready greeting cards available too on the Note Cards tab.  Should there be interest in an image or product then after your selection and when you are in the shopping cart it will ask for payment info. In that area you will see a white field to fill in a coupon code. Just type in JanthinaFallPromo and hit Apply; that will show the 15% discount from the price. The code is not case sensitive but be sure to type without any spaces. See example screen at the bottom of this post.

There are so many print options, from a variety of photo papers to various canvas and metal treatments, to choose from but I particularly like the Canvas Board preparation I mentioned on an earlier post so thought I’d share a couple more I decided to try.  I think it is a versatile way to own a small canvas for table display on an easel stand which could then be framed at any future time. So I wanted to see about the She Sits in Her Beauty image (nesting White Egret with aigrettes pleasantly caught on the surrounding ferns) as a canvas board.  I prepared a black and white version as well as the color, both of which you see below. The white birds do lend so well to black and white and I love the light on the nest and ferns.  I placed these inside the house facing towards incoming outside daylight for the photos. You can see the texture a bit too.

If anyone has any questions I can help with just let me know. A wonderful Fall to everyone. As for me, I am looking forward to more comfortable weather. You have to be very sensitive to detect the advent of Fall in Florida as we have no blazing crimson leaves or hints of frost to announce its arrival, but rather a barely perceptible sense that the air has become deliciously drier and cooler. And after awhile, the birds will come!!

Nesting White Egret - black and white - canvas board treatment - 12 x 18

This is a size 12 x 18 canvas board on a little table stand.

Nesting White Egret in color-canvas board treatment-8 x 12

This color image is a 8 x 12 sized canvas board on a gold finished stand.

Happy Fall to All!!


Example Payment Info Page with 15% Coupon Applied

This is what the screen looks like after you hit Next: Payment Info.  On that screen, just beneath the heading Payment Info, you will see Have a Coupon? and you enter the code to the right in the white field. Hit Apply and underneath it will show the discount amount. Also, the Order Summary will show the Coupon discount amount as well. Just letting everyone know I have images which are available through Janthina Images online. Always just feel free to look around as I appreciate sharing the subjects I see through my viewfinder!!

~ by Judy on September 21, 2015.

6 Responses to “Janthina Image offers 15% Fall Savings Coupon”

  1. Judy they are beautiful.

    • I appreciate that! It was such a visually delightful scene right on the spot. Glad to have been there to capture the pretty pose of the nesting egret.

  2. Such beautiful work Judy ~

    • Pleases me to see that you like the way the images/product looks!! It’s fun to see something that was just a picture to be made useful in some tangible way. Not that enjoyment by just viewing isn’t tangible really, but holding in the hand or looking at on a wall…seems like a different thing then.

  3. It’s a generous offer. Sorry I’m late seeing the post. One of the blogs I follow had posted a massive 6 posts in rapid succession and yours had been buried beneath the pile. Ho-hum.

    • Yeah I know how quickly a post notice will be buried!! I don’t always see things at first either and sometimes discover when casually scrolling when I have more time. So not to worry!! I appreciate the comment on the discount and that it was seen!!

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