Lenora-just about 2

Lenora 1736-wps

I was going to entitle this post something along the lines of “How NOT to do Child Portraits”, but how can I not be happy with this little girl!! However, since I don’t see my two granddaughters as often as I’d like, I always have high hopes for a SERIOUS photo session when we are together. Some nice old fashioned portraits perhaps!! Their first stop on a recent South Florida trip was at my parent’s house, their Great Grandparents! There my mother has a beautiful rocking chair with curly arms just perfect for sitting a child for a portrait. Well, Lenora was just as SERIOUS about not wanting her picture taken especially in a frilly white dress!! My favourite curly armed rocking chair served only as a nano second resting place as she slid right off quite emphatically. That chair was not going to happen. So above is an image from that morning with Lenora sitting in the window seat, yeah as she was getting ready to scoot out of there too. And to think, I thought birds were hard!! The images below were taken at her other Great Grandmother’s house by the pool. She was happier with the water. But, that runs in the family since I am a water girl too and so is her Dad!!

So I don’t really have a lesson here other than the fact that you have to be patient with children at any time, but especially when they are travelling. And, maybe that you are sometimes best off to just follow them around and hope they look your way once in awhile!! Sort of like birds!!

Thing is time is so precious and any picture is worth its weight because they grow and change so quickly…it is all very in the moment. And, I actually love that!! So here’s to determined little Lenora being herself at just about 2!!



Lenora-Small Waterfall_1847-wps2

Lenora fascinated by the moving water of the little pool waterfall.



Happy now!!


Lenora-in pool_1812-wps

Lenora Thinking_1855-wps

A fleeting moment of indecision! Hmmm, what to do next??!!

Very lucky Grandmother,

Mimi Judy

~ by Judy on September 20, 2015.

21 Responses to “Lenora-just about 2”

  1. Great photos, I often think the ones that aren’t posed are the best – her personality shines through 🙂

    • That is true, better let them be themselves. Even though I’d still like an old fashioned portrait of the girls. But, remember in the old tin types how defiant the children often looked? They had to hold the same position and look at the camera for a long time for that kind of photography. LOL!! Today it is much easier and more spontaneous. And yeah, Lenora is full of personality! I think my favourite is her hands trying to grab hold of the water fall stream.

      Thanks for looking and commenting!!

  2. These photos really show her personality—or A personality, whether the true one . . . .? But so much more interesting than the usual studio style.

    • Studio settings definitely have certain controls in place with lighting and everything and I like the idea of a controlled environment sometimes. Control, that sounds so good!! Most of my experience has been kind of on the fly…shooting from boats, or on hikes where stopping slows everyone down etc. But, following little children around while they do their thing. That’s kind of fun and you do get surprises!! Glad you liked the spontaneous stuff!!

  3. Oh, I love all of these shots! The first…priceless!

    • Yeah, I think she might look a bit more like a tipped over doll than wanting to escape the camera entirely. But, I love that expression!!

  4. Mimi Judy – what fabulous photos of Lenora. You really captured some precious shots. So glad you shared. Keep ’em coming.

    • Oh ho!! Now I know what you’ll come over and comment on!! You always say where are the people pictures? But, she’s too sweet not to share!! Your mother’s pool gets the best light at the end of the day…perfect for pictures really!!

      Thanks for commenting and I’ll endeavor to ‘keep ’em coming.’ 🙂

  5. Sensational images of this little beauty! What a blessing.

  6. These are beautiful! Congratulations on such an adorable granddaughter!

    • Well I will accept the congratulations, but having grandchildren is way easy!! Just wish I could see them more often. I’ll have to work on that!! 🙂 Thanks much!

      • It’s a cliche, but nevertheless quite true: Kids grow up fast. Hope you do get to see them more frequently, especially with the holiday season coming round!

  7. I much prefer unposed photos, or at least not old-style posed photos, and these are glorious. On the other hand, there’s something about the work of people like Solomon Butcher, the ones who were able to get our ancestors to pose AND seem unforced.

    In any event, these are treasures, in every respect!

    • It is a challenge to ask for a pose and have it seem like natural life. I like pictures that are natural and good portraits by getting subjects to be willing to do their thing knowing you might be capturing life in the living. Not always as easy as it sounds. I think kids forget you are there easier than adults.

      I will go and look up Solomon Butcher to see what you mean. I am always interested in the work of others, past, present and future! 🙂

      I agree that photos of those we love are indeed treasures…more than a frozen moment, but a little piece of life.

  8. So sweet! What a doll. You’ve captured her so beautifully, Judy!!

  9. Love the water play, gorgeous photo’s Judy and I bet you had lots of fun.

  10. There simply is something magical about children, and you have captured it here…incredible work (the water shots bringing a smile).

  11. Just magical! I too love the unposed photos — such a sweet one. You’ve really captured her little fairy self. 🙂

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