Great White Heron Mangrove Scene Project-Gallery Wrap Canvas

Great White Heron Mangrove Canvas_2035-wps

24" x 36" Gallery Wrap Canvas - Great White Heron Mangrove Image

I do offer the ability to order prints of images I have made through my Janthina Images website but I do not talk about this as much as I should. Viewing an image on a computer monitor does very little sometimes to show that the image might make a lovely print or wall art selection for those interested in the kinds of scenes I have. So along with the previous post on the Canvas Board product, I wanted to share this project with my Great White Heron Mangrove image.

A couple of months ago I received an inquiry from a lady who wondered if the image on the left side of my WordPress banner was available as a print. The series of pictures I took from our inflatable while traversing Largo Sound in the Pennecamp area of a beautiful Great White Heron has remained a favourite collection. For the banner image I used one of those capture shots which I combined with some elements to merge the bird and the gator into an evocative everglades view. Made for a specific purpose it was very small and not print material. But, I understood the kind of scene that she was interested in. She has a strong connection with the Florida Keys as her son is an experienced and well known Key West flats boat fishing guide in the area.  So loving the Florida mangrove landscape,  she was specifically was interested in a Great White Heron in a mangrove setting.

The image above is of the scene produced to make a nice quintessentially Florida wall print. The image is a Giclee print on museum quality canvas, printed with archival inks, and protected by a glossy laminate. It is a 1″ gallery wrap with part of the image mirrored on the sides as it is being hung without a frame. It really does look beautiful in person and I was so pleased to be able to facilite my client’s vision.

You can find the image in color in my Selected Landscapes and Birds Gallery. I have a black and white version in the Bird Portraits Gallery too. A canvas can be ordered through the Janthina Image website but for the full face to be on the front choose a stretched or canvas board treatment. For a 1″ gallery wrap like this, you’d have to contact me directly as mirrored wraps are not available through the shopping cart currently. I am always available for questions if someone is interested in one of my images but not sure how to turn it into the product they are thinking about.  This was so much fun to work on and especially fun to have had someone give me the chance to make something happen for them!!

My client’s son is Captain Simon Becker a well known and respected flats fishing guide in the Florida Keys. Here is an article that features Simon Becker and some innovative things he has done with improving fly fishing knots. From SS Flies here is an endorsement:

“Capt. Simon Becker is one of the most respected captains in Key West. If you ever get a chance to stand on his bow drop everything, postpone your wedding, leave your kids in a lurch, quit your job, do whatever you have to do to get to Key West. Everyone of our clients who fish with Simon are honored to fish with him on the poling platform. In the very competitive world of Key West captains he is universally respected. Simply one of the best! ”

Please visit my client, Mary, at her Etsy shop called Cosy Kozees. After a lifetime of crafting, she shares her art through her Etsy shop. Her handmade tea cozies are a delightful and charming addition to anyone’s table and make superb gifts. Enjoy viewing her extended craft selections! She would surely welcome your queries.


Great White Heron Mangrove-Side Wrap View_2043-wps

Mirrored Gallery Wrap Side View



Great White Heron Mangrove Image - Color



Great White Heron Mangrove Image - Black and White

Thank you Mary!!



~ by Judy on September 12, 2015.

6 Responses to “Great White Heron Mangrove Scene Project-Gallery Wrap Canvas”

  1. As always, your images are fabulous. And I enjoyed the link to Simon Becker. I listen to an outdoor show here every weekend, early-early in the morning, and the whole world of fishing has become fascinating to me. There’s a lot more to it than the cane pole and red-and-white bobber of my childhood!

    I just was in a cafe last weekend that had some of those canvas-wraps, and they really were attractive. In some ways, I like them better than frames. They’re certainly a good option.

    • Yeah I think they are an option which looks a bit more contemporary. And, if you stick with 1″ thickness, then it is already prepared to go in a frame if someone wants to frame it ultimately. I suppose my personal tastes go to framing as I guess I am a traditionalist and I love interesting woods. In the Keys there are some frame makers who use wood from old lobster traps and the ones I’ve seen look so rustic in a really nice way. Might see about that sometime.

      Fishing only seems like a passive enterprise I guess. I always thought the purpose of putting the line in the water was to be away from the hurried world and float around pleasantly not expecting much. Oh, well, I am not a fisherman you can tell. 🙂

  2. This is so beautiful Judy your work is unique and truly special. You capture the essence of each of your subjects.

  3. Ps I can’t find the twitter button to tweet it for you.

    • Cannot pretend to be as up on social media as I should be- do not have a twitter account. I have a Facebook presence I tend to neglect, WP and the Janthina Images gallery site. Thanks for being willing to spread the word!!

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