Black and White Bird Portraits on Canvas Board

White Egret on Stand in Frame_2071-wps

White Egret with Aigrettes Image printed as a Canvas Board in a Standard 11 x 14 frame on a table stand.

With this post I wanted to introduce one product that is available through my Janthina Images photo gallery site. I’ve been working on some black and white bird portraits and have tested them as photographic lustre prints which look lovely. But, I had been curious to see how they would look on canvas. Plus, I was interested in seeing about the Canvas Board Product which I had not ordered myself before. All of my canvases,  ’til these, have been of color images. Because, I liked these so well and thought others might also, I wanted to present the idea. While I have realized just trying to take pictures of these to show, I might not be the best ‘product photographer.’ But, hope that they convey to some degree how really lovely these pictures are in person.  Canvases can be purchased as gallery wraps which have part of the image on the sides, or stretched where the entire image is on the face and the sides are white, or thin wraps which are mounted on board with image on the edges and wrapped around the back, or Canvas Board such as these.

The Canvas Board option is a Giclee on museum quality canvas, printed with archival inks, and mounted on gatorboard. The image is on the face with sides white and neatly wrapped and affixed on the back. When ordering through my site the canvas is protected by a satin laminate which is a nice soft treatment. Although, gloss laminate is available on request, just not through the cart. The Canvas Board treatment is very lightweight but gatorboard is rigid and won’t warp so it makes a great product to either put in a frame or on a stand. I ordered the first one, as above, in a standard size….in this case an 11 x 14 which fits nicely into ready made frames. I didn’t show it here but I found a very attractive distressed wood frame at Pier 1, removed the glass and the matt, and the canvas board fit in perfectly with the backing in the frame. The picture above shows the canvas in an 11 x 14 ready made frame I found at the frame makers store. Frame makers will often make standard sizes of left over frame material from other jobs available. I love looking through those for good material and deals. Also, since canvas board prints are so thin, I thought it would be great to just stand them decoratively without frame on a table or mantle (you can do this with thin wraps too). I found the stands pictured here at Tuesday Morning which can be a great place to find eclectic decorative items inexpensively.

I hope you enjoy looking at these and the idea of Canvas Board for a casual canvas treatment with a great soft texture which can be affordably displayed in many ways. In case of interest, I put the gallery link on the bottom of this post along with a brief guide for finding the canvas board option. Clicking on the pictures will take you to that image in the gallery.

White Egret with Tillandsia on stand_2055-wps

 The image is a White Egret on a fallen limb with Tillandsia plants hanging on from the Big Cypress area. Here the canvas board is in a black stand without any frame for table display. The aspect ratio of the image is different than the first image and I didn’t want to crop in the shopping cart so I ordered it as an 11 x 16. Oh, the hummingbird plate is one of my mother’s china painting projects!


White Egret-Tillandsia2-photo stand_2085-wps

This and the next few images just show this image with the same photo stand for continuity.

Canvas board - Edge View_2083-wps

A view of how thin the canvas board is and how nicely it fits in this little stand.

Canvas Board Mount side view_2081-wps 

Canvas Board Back_2084-wps

This is what the back looks like of a canvas board mounting treatment.


Gallery Link: Janthina Images  Black and White Bird Portrait Gallery

Brief instructions to look around at an image and size options for canvas/canvas board:

  1. Click on desired image in the gallery.
  2. Hit Buy Photo – This Photo
  3. You’ll see Wall Art/Paper Prints/Keepsakes-Choose Wall Art
  4. Wall Art will display various canvas options: Choose Flat Mounted Canvas for the canvas board option
  5. Choose a size
  6. Add to Cart (this will not commit a purchase only get you to see or adjust crop)
  7. View Cart – here you can choose to Change the Product or you can Adjust the crop as you wish if a crop is required
  8. If you hit Change product a screen with tabs will come up where you can choose photo prints, etc, or select the canvas tab to get canvas options. Also, this area will display with each size if a Crop is required for that size choice. If  you look at the top image of this post at 11 x 14 or any of that aspect ratio, you won’t see Requires Crop there.

I know it sounds like a lot but it allows quite a bit of choice and control. Anyone interested or having difficulty with the size they are interested in just let me know and I’ll be happy to help. Additionally, any image of mine you have seen that is not in the two sale galleries I have. Just ask and I’ll put them there if you are interested in them. I plan to do more uploading with some new color images too.


Thanks for looking at this product option for the bird portraits and hope you enjoy just experimenting with it.




~ by Judy on August 22, 2015.

22 Responses to “Black and White Bird Portraits on Canvas Board”

  1. That first one is almost unbearably elegant, Judy. It wouldn’t fit into my decor at all (to be fair, I don’t really have “decor” as such) but I can imagine lots of spaces where it would fit perfectly. It would fit in my dream house, too, but that’s not ever going to be built.

    These portraits all are splendid. Have you thought about finding someone to offer them to the public? A real gallery? The framer who’s done most of my custom work takes pieces of good art on consignment. She’d jump at these in a minute.

    I very much like the image in the stand, too. It’s a good solution for someone like me, who has no more wall space!

    • Linda, Wow, your comment is more lovely than I could have ever expected!! Thank you!!

      I too have a small space and I liked the canvas board idea a lot. I was in a hotel a few months ago that had a little wooden easel with a small stretched painted canvas sitting on it for decoration. I really liked the idea of a pretty picture in a stand on a table. I think that motivated me to try out the canvas board and satisfy my interest in seeing what a black and white would look like on canvas at the same time. When the light hits the images, they are just beautiful and the finish just so lovely and understated.

      I know I should really identify a collection of images that are beautiful, on canvas especially, and see about a consignment display. The framer I use doesn’t really display anyone’s art and I couldn’t even say what he likes. Framers see it all I guess between photo art, paintings and all sorts of media. But, still you are right I should.

  2. Judy, Great images, products, and marketing strategy!

    If I can get motivated and organized, would like to do similar marketing. Thanks for the ideas!! The stands should be able to be produced by the local artisans, and the Fujifilm outlet makes a variety of interesting finishes.

    Buena suerte para usted ( Good luck for you in Spanish, in case you had not run across the phrase.) Jack

    • Thanks very much and you are welcomed to any information I have. I got the idea first when I saw a very small canvas painting on a little easel as a decoration at a motel. Second, when I saw the canvas board I had ordered and realized it would be so perfect in a decorative stand…depending on what size you print though. I bet you can collaborate with local artisans in Cuenca, that would be wonderful. Perhaps some nice rustic wood stands and I bet there are wonderful quality wood frames in Ecuador too. And, if getting canvas prints affixed to gator board is a problem then a small stretched canvas would look just as lovely in a stand too. I may do some that way also. Buena suerte para usted!! Thanks for the lesson 🙂

  3. Stunning they are Judy I wish you every success. They all look beautiful but I especially love that first image.

  4. Yes, there’s definitely something sensual (I think that’s the word I want) in a black & white photo, and added to the textural element of canvas . . . hmm, grace, that’s it. It has grace.

    • Oh thanks. Grace is a good word and it does look very refined to me! Not everything looks best on canvas and I hadn’t really seen any black and white images on canvas. Most of the photographers put black and white on wonderful matt or glossy photo exhibition papers. Maybe I was surprised I’d like them so much this way!

  5. Judy, have you also thought about transferring a photo directly onto wood?

  6. Wow! I have really enjoyed your images. They are just incredible but alas I am not a buyer. I really did appreciate the insights you have given on mounting prints. I haven’t seen photos mounted in this way before. Our lifestyle is pretty crazy with kids and dogs so I’d prefer artwork on the walls where it was out of the way and less likely to get damaged. Do you have any hotels nearby who might be interested? xx Rowena

    • I have three boys, yes better on walls with kids. I have a few casualties to show for those rambunctious years in the way of broken kick knacks!! As far as hotels go, I don’t know really. I am thinking pictures on stands are too portable for a hotel, despite having seen something like that in a small motel setting once. Maybe wall prints. Geeze, some hotels have wall mounted frames bolted into the wall. So sad to figure why.

      Thanks Rowena! I love your name btw, it reminds me of Ann McCaffery , but that’s probably The Rowan. She had a Rowena do cover art though!!

  7. Beautiful images Judy, there’s something vintage, timeless and exotic about the images treated in this way and with the framing and settings you’ve put them in – though I’ve no doubt they could also look ultra-modern.

    • Andrea, sorry for my tardy reply. I agree that you can go traditional and modern with a canvas. Guess that is why the frameless gallery wraps are so popular these days. The canvas board is a nice way to display either way I think. I am working on a few more images with canvas in mind and its always nice to see an actual print after all the computer working and viewing!! Thanks for taking a look and the nice comment.

  8. Beautiful work Judy ~ and you photographed this art in such a great setting.

    • Thanks so much!! For me setting is everything…well and pose of subject. I can remember when I was just totally happy to get a bird in focus and big in my viewfinder. Now I watch and wait for pretty body positions. Birds just go about being themselves, I can only wait for that great pose… and it can be so fleeting sometimes. But, it is fun just to be able to enjoy while you are on the look out for art. A privilege.

  9. The first one is gorgeous. Looks like the white egret has a lovely veil, all dressed up for a wedding!

    • It is actually true in reality. I call it a bridal bustle as on the back of a gown. The egrets have those gauzy plumes during breeding season only. The aigrettes become most luxuriant as they are mating and laying eggs. As the chicks get older the plumes begin to fall off and thin out and disappear altogether ’til next season. This is the source of the unfairness of the plume hunters of the past, since the birds had the most plumes when sitting on their nests they were often shot in the nest!! Bad for the species as when you eliminate the parents, there’s no one to defend the helpless chicks either.

  10. Such stunning final products, really. I just love the first framed egret in his full feather-y glory, with an appropriately glamorous framing. 🙂

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