Elise Portrait – Georgia to Garden of the Gods – without a ticket!

Elise Portrait - Garden of the Gods


Taking my granddaughter, Elise, from the Georgia woods to Colorado’s Garden of the Gods without an airplane ticket!! For Christmas, my son Dave and his wife, Martha, sent me  a collection of unedited family snapshots on a CD. I fell in love with this picture of Elise, which Martha captured, and could not resist playing with it in Photoshop. When doing the black and white portrait, I could see in the windy, cold Georgia setting (below) a budding young geologist amid the vertical sandstone spires of Colorado on an equally cold day (top image). I really need to introduce Elise to my collection of rocks from the sixth grade or so. Yes, they still reside in shoe boxes packed away with my sea shell boxes from the Philippines and my sand collection.  Some people think I am a pack rat but, of course, they are wrong. Scientific artifacts are treasures and must be saved!!

One of my goals in 2o15 is to work on proficiency in Photoshop making composites and portraiture.  With this lovely pose, Elise helped me practice isolating a person from one scene in order to give different backgrounds and looks to the same picture.

Happy 2015 Everyone!!

Elise Portrait-Wintry Georgia Woods

Elise Portrait - Color Texture Background

A color version with new background and color filtering.


~ by Judy on January 3, 2015.

10 Responses to “Elise Portrait – Georgia to Garden of the Gods – without a ticket!”

  1. Thank you for sharing these tips. Happy New Year, Judy!

  2. I’ve got the odd rock hanging around, too: some rose quartz from childhood, a fossil rock from the beach at Joggins, Nova Scotia, and the like. And happy new year to you, too! I’m half way through the Piers Anthony books.

    • Guess we hold on to those interests of childhood because our core being really does not change. I still love natural artifacts and keep collection this and that to make a naturalists still life of sort….another little project for 2015.

      Sure hope you enjoy On a Pale Horse…I did love that series. Gave me a new take on some things, irreverent soul that Anthony is.

  3. My gosh, those portraits are wonderful. I still haven’t figured out layers, for heavens’ sake. People who can do such things with photoshop just leave me speechless. Well, and on top of your skill, your granddaughter is so lovely. She’d look good in any setting, but you’ve chosen well. The color is remarkable, really. So beautiful.

    It will be fun to follow your progress in the new year. I have to keep reminding myself that I don’t have enough lifetime left to learn how to do everything! I’ll try and improve my writing, and just sit around and admire your photography!

    • Thanks for the encouragement, that someone might be curious to see what may come, makes it even more fun to try new things and show them!!

      And, I too will follow your progress as a writer and sit around admiring the way you use words!!

      An exciting year to come!! Yea!!

  4. I wish you the best with learning the techniques. As you know, I use Coreldraw – which includes Corelpaint with similar features to Photoshop (except mine’s an ancient version). I use the draw programme loads, even when editing photos, but I just can’t find the enthusiasm to learn its partner. I’ve done some cool stuff on the animation programme, though not exactly Dreamworks! More abstract transformations. Anyway, good luck with the learning. See, you have the motivation.

    • I only wish I did have the time and energy to do all the things I’d like to do. And, as importantly, have plenty of applications for using the learned techniques. If I don’t it is easy to lose track of what I did when I want to do it again. Use it or lose it they say…applicable here too.

  5. Simply beautiful Judy. Especially the black and white.

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