Under Foot

White Egret Nestling with Mom's Foot

This White Egret nestling was one of the three chicks tossed from its nest when a marauding male White Egret stole the nest from its parents last season. See story here! This little snapshot was from the one day I had the chance to photograph the chicks which were probably around 10 days old at the time. Sadly, I thought I’d have more time.  While focusing on the little guy I did see the toes of mom or dad as its foot was lifted to change position in the scene while the nestling looked up both adoringly and adorably.  I liked the shot for the scale, textures and the dappled lighting and added it to my play with monochrome for possible inclusion in my series. Just kept getting drawn to do something with the little fellow each time I reviewed this shoot. You can see his little baby wing curled up like a little arm with the hands pointed down as he gets used to the sounds and movements around him.

Like many things in life, photographically you can never assume you’ll get another pass at an opportunity and should never take it for granted. Even if you do, its always a new day and a new thing!

Nighty Night,

~ by Judy on October 8, 2014.

13 Responses to “Under Foot”

  1. Pretty cool! Up late I see!


    • Hey Dave! First time you’ve commented on the bird images. Easy to be attracted to the cute little fellow looking expectantly up at mom or dad isn’t it?

  2. I re-read the story just now — so poignant. It’s hard to deal with such events, to one degree or another, but it is a part of a life. And, as you pointed out, egrets who lose a nest often get right back at it. It’s “if at first you don’t succeed,” avian style!

    This is one of the most unusual bird photos I’ve seen. I love the foot, and the obvious communication between chick and parent. Beautifully done, Judy.

    • I think the little fellow might be our dominant chick in this nest. Or maybe he woke up from his nap first. That is what seemed so attractive to me also, that sense of communication and awareness of its parent.

  3. What a brilliant capture! It’s not very often that we get to see something this unique. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful photo and story!

    • Truly my pleasure. I know I am lucky to have a chance to photograph nesting egrets and their behaviors. Glad you enjoyed the image.

  4. Ah, so sweet! I love these guys…. What a gorgeous image. 🙂

    • Hey, long time no hear! Maybe we will see each other again this season watching the birds!! Thanks for stopping in for a comment!!

  5. Adorable is a word I would use Judy.

  6. A face that is not easy to forget! I am impressed again.

    • This was the closest I have ever been to such young White Egret chicks. They grow so incredibly fast!! I so sorry this nest didn’t make it though!!

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