An Offering to build a nest

Great Blue Heron Mates Housekeeping

I have been away and unable to post for a little while and on returning home got back into the Black and White Bird Portrait Series. Though finished with the images for now, I wanted to share this Great Blue Heron pair. It is only October so scenes like this will wait until the bird nesting season comes ’round again. While this picture frustrated me as a black and white venture, I do like the body positions of this avian couple. I don’t always get the feet of both birds in the shot when the male flies in with nest building materials, so it always feels like an accomplishment when it happens!!


Happy Fall to Everyone!! Looking forward to more moderate temperatures and drier air here in the sub-tropics soon!!



~ by Judy on October 4, 2014.

12 Responses to “An Offering to build a nest”

  1. What an amazing shot! It’s as if the two birds were posing for you.

    • It is one of my favourite things seeing these pairs work together. So often your eye is faster than the camera and easy to miss the perfect poses they just deliver being themselves.

  2. It’s not only their positions that join the two birds, but also that piece of nesting material, like being joined by string. I like it, a serendipitous moment.

    • The joining is rather meaningful on several levels. Always amazing how the great herons do work together during the nesting process. What an example nature gives us on this!

  3. As far as I know, there’s not that much difference in size between male and female. That adds a little something extra to the photo — an indication of how deep that nest is! I love the bit of nesting material joining the two birds, too. It’s a delightfully intimate portrait of heron home life!

    • As I understand it both mates will gather materials, but that the male more often is the bringer and the female more often arranges the furniture. However, you are perfectly correct that the size differences can be difficult to gauge and know for sure. Sometimes I take romantic liberties!! 🙂

  4. We’ve got some of that nice cool, crisp air here. Welcome back!

    • Colorado had some nice cool, crisp air when we arrived. Freezing in fact when I’d read 70’s – 80’s during web research!! So big surprise and packed no jacket!! Will say the one day we had to explore Garden of the Gods and Cheyenne Canyon by car, the temps were in the 70’s. Colorado, it seems, can turn on a dime temp wise!!

  5. Awesome photos!! I came upon your site while looking for information on a heron with spread wings. Your photos are MUCH better than the one that I got though. Great site !!

    • I am so glad you did!! Thank you very much! I remember the first time I saw the sunning posture and looked around me to see if I was alone witnessing the seemingly unheard of pose. Too funny! I thought it must be a mating display at the time rather than feather drying or a means to impel movement of bugs and parasites. Visit anytime!

  6. What an incredibly sweet, lovely portrait!

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