Invitation to View Janthina Images’ New Look!!

Janthina Images - Guestbook Page

I have just unveiled my new Janthina Images gallery site look!! While not an expert on css or html code or a programmer by any stretch of the imagination, my sales gallery hosting company, SmugMug, made it very easy with some highly customizable new designs they launched in July of 2013. As you can see I am not an early adopter but like to think my reserved nature as regards change allowed any bugs to be worked out of the system!! Sticking with that story!! But, I did realize looking at the world of design templates out there including, of course, the wonderful designs WordPress has, that my old photo gallery site, while very stable in operation, was sadly dated and needed a new modern look.

One of the things Smugmug made very easy was that while I was choosing a design and customizing it behind the scenes, my old site was the same for viewers without any disruption until hitting the Publish button. Very seamless!  I flipped back and forth for awhile consolidating galleries and generally cleaning some things up, but the button push was irrevocable and now its all new. Even though I had a lot of questions for the Smugmug Support Heroes, I think my experience with using WordPress helped me to work more easily there as well. One thing I like about the Smug Designs is that they are more than templates with fixed schemes. There are many themes within a design choice and if you like everything about a theme except the accent color, you can change that. If you want to create your own theme, redo ALL the colors and backgrounds within the design framework, you can do that too. Switch it up and name your theme.

I’d love to invite my friends here on my blog to go to Janthina Images  and let me know your thoughts.  Though I plan further work, I tried to keep things straightforward and easy to navigate.  So every public page has a button on the left vertical navigation bar. I realize from using different computers, that my old XP system at work with the outdated Explorer browser has difficulty handling some things like the slide show, but its ok using Firefox and my more current Explorer on my home machine does everything fine. That a being a factor, let me know if I overlooked anything. The closer you are to something, the less likely to see the flaws…I suppose this is why people get married?? Well, to carry the analogy, I guess I am now wedded to my new design for better or worse. But, I do think…..way better!!

So I truly welcome your visit and thoughts when you have the time to poke around. The snip clip above, with the chatty spoonies, is of the Guestbook page where you can comment if you want. Here is fine too or by e-mail. I have worked on many images the last couple of years which I have not yet posted or put up for sale, but feel renewed and enthused to add more images and another sales gallery to join to one at the top of the galleries page. Life’s one constant is change, they say , but maybe another good word is renewal.

Thanks for listening and looking!!

Feather right



~ by Judy on July 13, 2014.

15 Responses to “Invitation to View Janthina Images’ New Look!!”

  1. I’m laughing — methinks someone just took care of a page not found error!
    When I first clicked to go over, it didn’t work, but now it does. Looks good at first glance. Once I get my new post finished up, I’ll hop right over and explore!

    • Too funny…I was hoping I caught that before anyone else!! Thanks for giving it a second hit!! Look forward to your feedback as I know you remember the old look.

  2. Impressive. Well, I’m impressed. Looks like you’ve put a lot of thought into the new site. And though I knew the webdesign software suites take the hard graft out of it, you couldn’t have done that without persistence. I like. Good on you.

    • Thank goodness for all the programmers who make the fun part so easy for us to do!! Glad you liked it!! Now to work on some new images!!

  3. Judy, I like the new look. It’s uncluttered and easy to use, and all the photos there are beautiful. I will take a closer look later, but I think you did a very good job with it.

    • Uncluttered is good!! I can put a right sidebar but thought I liked the clean look too. If there is good reason I’ll explore cluttering it up later! 🙂

  4. I just spent some time roaming around, and I really like it. What I like most of all is that fabulous internal search. It’s so easy to look for something specific, then back out, and go in a different direction.

    It’s a great job, and I like the way we can get back here to the blog, too. Everything seems seamless. Far too many people, especially photographers, have a gallery here, and a blog there, and it just gets confusing.

    Well done! (And as I mentioned elsewhere, those Egyptian photos are just knockouts.)

    • Oh good!! I mostly wanted it to be clean, pretty, easy to use and reflect my personality a bit. Good to get the feedback on the ease of use.

      That Egypt trip was one of the highlights of my life really…loved the entire experience. The camera I used there was a later generation of Rebel, XT I think, and it did serve me well. Did a lot of learning with that shooting experience. Didn’t want to travel with a laptop to switch pictures from memory card to computer…worried about power availability the lugging!! So I bought a bunch of memory cards and used them all!!

  5. Looks fantastic, your photos are beautiful Judy.

  6. What a fabulous website/gallery, Judy! It’s easy to navigate, well organized and the photos are stunning as always! I know how much work it is to do this (I’m currently upgrading mine!) so hats off to you!

  7. It looks FABULOUS! Congratulations!! How do you ever find the time… But honestly, they made it easier? Perhaps I should make a note to explore them again, eh? I love your design and user-friendliness, though. 🙂

    • If I can help let me know! I think they’ve made it very straightforward but like anything you have to get familiar with the organization. I have more learning to to also, but enjoy that it looks more up to date now.

      • You’re so kind…. I WILL check it out ASAP. It’s nice that it’s more straightforward, too — I need to check out our site AGAIN, hee….

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