Photo Filter Play with Elise at age 6

Black and White Grainy Treatment of 6 year old Elise


During a February 2014 visit with my son, Dave, and family to meet new little baby Lenora, I spied a very nice picture of big sister Elise tacked with a magnet to the fridge. As always, I fell in love with her sweet expression. Elise’s mom, Martha, loves photography much as I do and I am sure the frequent presence of a camera is old hat for the kids. Although I feel sure that is the paradigm with all parents and kids today whether the snap is from a phone camera or a high end DSLR variety. Yep, we want to immortalize our beautiful offspring!! This does not mean it is easy to capture just the right moment when a child is looking right at the camera amidst activity.  The image I played with here was just too sweet to pass up so I asked Martha for her capture shot so I could play with it. The image was taken in a kitchen flooded with bright light giving a natural high key canvas for various filtering treatments whether color or black and white.

It is fun to see how different the same image can look depending on the amount of grain, light, tonal contrast or color is used. So included here are three different looks: uppermost, a grainy film noir treatment, second, a smooth tonal black and white treatment, and the last is a low contrast, high key color image with a new background blended in. The capture shot being a brightly lit kitchen had a mild yellow cast which I removed in favor of a pretty pinker tone in the color image. The curly wiry thing is part of the tail of a metal bird that Elise is holding and it does add an interesting element to an already lovely picture.

Thanks Martha for letting me play. This image is ©marthalovell.


Black and White Tonal Treatment of 6 year old Elise


Soft Color with Background Treatment of 6 year old Elise

 Photoshop truly is a wonderful digital tool to imagine what can be done with your capture shots!! It is always fun to play!



~ by Judy on May 26, 2014.

9 Responses to “Photo Filter Play with Elise at age 6”

  1. It’s easy to like the first one, though maybe that’s because I saw it first.

    • I like the others too for the different feel they have, but gravitate towards the grainy noir one also. I like how different people can look with different lighting. You can even change face shape a bit with light and shadow only.

  2. Uh, er, I love all three – and here’s the weird thing … all three capture the beauty and innocence captive within the expression. Same message – different tunes.

    • Excellent way to put it!! Different treatments don’t take away from the constant present in the expression.

  3. These are beautiful photos. But you had a head start – she’s a beautiful child.

  4. There’s no way to choose among these. They’re all beautiful. Oh, my! how I envy your skill with a camera!

    • I cannot take credit for the capture here..but truthfully I enjoy working on anyone’s pictures. When shooting, the subject is the canvas, when starting with a capture, then the image becomes the canvas from which to work. With this I was after a grainy moody feel…balletic like the top treatment, then sort of a smooth and toned feel for the second, and then wanted to show delicate girly colors with the third. The starting pic was on her mother’s fridge and I mooched the file.

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