Easter Chicks – Great Egret Feeding Time

White Egret Feeding Chicks

White Egret feeding its nestlings


After talking about the blue sheaths of the Great Blue Heron chick’s pin feather, I wanted to point out on these little fellows that they are an orangey pink instead. The image is from a much further out nest (so not a close up)  but perhaps on the thigh of the chick in the back,  you can see layers of the orange-ish sheaths with white feathers poking out of them.


With this little scene of a White Egret parent feeding its growing nestlings

I send out wishes to everyone for a Happy Easter tomorrow!!




~ by Judy on April 19, 2014.

6 Responses to “Easter Chicks – Great Egret Feeding Time”

  1. Lovely family!
    Happy Easter!

  2. A VERY Happy Easter to my favorite bird brain – oh, wait a minute – that didn’t come out quite right! 🙂 Saw a BUNCH of married Sandhill Crane couples out in the Apoxee today. Four of the couples had chicks, and I think the other two couples have already decorated the nursery. Also saw two nesting pairs of Limpkins with chicks. Every time I see the Sandhills, I think of you – and every time I see a Limpkin, I recall your avatar. And I even saw a buncha Tricolored Herons with Louisiana license plates – you are corrupting my very soul! Keep up the good work!

    • Now there’s my dose of humor for the day!! Thanks for the smile! I feel privileged to have corrupted you on Louisiana Heron instead of boring old Tri-color!! And, you say your Limpkin ate my Janthina shell?? Guess I must mosey on up to Apoxee sometime…sounds like great photo prospecting to me!! Hope your Easter was lovely..twas a bit chillier than I expected for a late Easter!!

  3. You had me fooled with this one. I expected — uh — Easter chicks, as in chickens. Whatever was I thinking?

    I hope your day was as lovely as this photo. I went wildlflower looking, saw a few and took a lot of photos, ninety-five percent of which have already been trashed. Gotta love this digital world!

    • Those were the good old days when your parents got you the colored chicks. We had three or four one year and raised them in a make-shift cage out back for awhile on one of our army bases. Seems they were all roosters and we ended up giving them to a farmer in the area.

      But, no deception intended…it is Easter and those are chicks!! 🙂

      I do feel so lucky to live in an area where I can see all heron and egret chicks this time of year. Can’t happen everywhere!!

      Hope Texas Easter was lovely! Here I was surprised by how chilly it was!! We attended an Easter service at FAU Stadium with Franklin Graham delivering the service. My favourite part though was watching a father trying to gather up his wandering toddler who was going rounds with the cameraman mid field swinging the boom around to capture the crowd! Too cute!!

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