Tri-color Heron (Louisiana Heron)-lores and textures


Louisiana Heron aka Tri-color Heron- Close up of eye and lore mating colors

The Tri-Color heron (Egretta tri-color) aka Louisiana Heron,  has always been a favourite subject.  No one can deny the dainty beauty of this small heron or its appealing quick movements as it darts about.  But today’s post centers around just the detail of the color changes of the lore or skin around the eye, and bill of the breeding bird. The normal yellow lore and yellowish bill with dark tip takes on nearly fluorescent blues and lavenders under the influence of the mating season hormone changes. The white head plumes are also a feature of breeding and not present otherwise. I am enjoying the learning curve of my new 300mm prime lens and feel in many circumstances it gives me excellent detail while there is still much to learn in dof management and light.


Tri-color Heron (Louisiana Heron)-Face

I endeavored to crop this view closely enough to show the wonderful shadowed ruby eye and the intense expression of the heron. While trying to convey how something looks large on my computer monitor is not always successful in this format, I do get stuck on things like expression, so its tempting to try.

Louisiana Heron Face - Catching Late Afternoon Rays

A late afternoon capture with head plumes flying in the wind.

Louisiana Heron Portrait

Elegant Louisiana Heron at Wakodahatchee Wetlands

This image from a past post does show the normal yellow coloring of the lore even though the bird is decked out with the buff aigrettes and white head plumes of the season. Legs too are absent the bright red exhibited during the height of the breeding time.

Spring is always a time of intensified color as we leave the muted tones of winter…& illustrated so well by the avian breeding season!!



~ by Judy on March 13, 2014.

11 Responses to “Tri-color Heron (Louisiana Heron)-lores and textures”

  1. Superb photos with nice colors and details, but you have a 300 mm L lens, right?

    • Right. I used the 300mm prime on all but the last picture. Most of my images here were using my 700-300 DO IS Zoom. So 300mm isn’t new to me but I was aiming for more reliable sharpness at 300mm with the new one. It is different for me because I have to get used to the reality that say F5.6 has less depth of field with the new lens than with the zoom. The DO, diffractive optics, of my zoom allowed 300mm in a much shorter and lighter arrangement. I certainly appreciated its handling! I have a lot of learning to do really to get it all perfect!!

  2. I love the tri and when in breeding condition they are truly magnificent!
    Excellent photos!

  3. I see you’ve been busy with your new lens. Excellent shots.

    • Hello, hello!! I have definitely been using the new lens exclusively since I got it. It’s only been three trips so far but hoping to visit the rookery this coming week during a weekday. The place has gotten kind of popular and so parking has become an issue there lately. With so many birds nesting it is no wonder though. Easy to become fascinated with the breeding process of such lovely creatures. Glad you like the results so far!!

      You have been busy with writing and I need to get caught up on your Rookeri !!! 🙂

      • The episode after next could be delayed. TalkTalk ISP again blocks all its users of wordpress just cos one user amongst us is doing the abhorrent child porn. This gets tiresome. Which is why I work so far ahead.

      • Oh really!! I didn’t realize the community had much in the way of porn issues. I’ve only seen one I thought was pushing the envelope but it was adult. I always hate it when the innocent gets punished along with the guilty.

        Glad you think ahead though since if not that, then something unexpected will come our way anyhow!!

      • I think the child porn sites are private, invited members only. You can imagine how difficult they are to root out. I suppose it’s a matter of monitoring users. But this is the 3rd time in 9 months. It’s getting wearisome. I don’t know why the ISPs have to do a blanket block, and it’s not just the one UK ISP. No point changing; since a recent change in UK law, they’re now all doing it. Ho-hum, hey. I just hope it’s removed by Thursday.

  4. What a stunner! Those close-ups are just magnificent… My favorite colors, all in one bird! I love this time of the year with these guys… I’m actually trying to hurry up my work now, so I can run to the wetlands!! (But, uhhh…. I’m here.) 🙂

  5. So – I was reading the comments, as I always do, and there, in your third comment, I burst out laughing. The placement of the little smiley face, atop your avatar, makes it look for all the world as though you discovered the world’s only smiley-shell!

    As for the photos — of course I understand nothing of the tech talk, but I know this. The last photo, of that sinuously posed bird, made me catch my breath, it ‘s so beautiful. Whatever you’re doing, keep it up. I just can’t stop looking at your images!

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