Elise and Coco by the window on a wintry day

Girl with black cat by window-a black and white portrait

Everyone who knows me knows that my granddaughter Elise is one of  my very favourite photo subjects!! See here! Most people connect me with birds and lighthouses, but I love casual people portraits too when the opportunity comes up.  And, I love natural light best. Recently we travelled to Georgia in between the icy storms which have hit the area this winter. Elise has a newborn baby sister, Lenora,  and so we wanted to welcome her into the world and ventured into the cold climes outside of sunny south Florida!! Brrrrr!!

 Young girls and cats are very active so I was pleased to capture both in a quiescent moment by the dining room window. I loved the moody lighting which lent itself so well to a black and white image. So here is darling Elise and Coco by the window on a wintry day.

With Love,
Mimi Judy

~ by Judy on February 14, 2014.

15 Responses to “Elise and Coco by the window on a wintry day”

  1. It’s a beautiful portrait – of both! And the black and white is perfect. What I especially like is the obvious comfort Elise feels with you. When I was that age I hated and despised having my photo taken. I never would have stayed put for such a thing, and I certainly wouldn’t have graced the photographer with such a direct, guileless gaze.

    Valentine’s day is for love of all sorts, and this is a perfect expression of love.

    • The lighting, Elise’s sweet face and the mysterious sheen of the black cat combined nicely. I cannot take credit for the composition entirely as my only goal was to have Elise lit by the window light for the picture. She is a natural and easy going person and such a pleasure to be with!! Yet, a bundle of energy too!!

      Your comment is the sweetest! I do thank you!!

  2. Beautiful shot Judy,,,,gorgeous GD….Congrats on new baby Gchild …. Enjoy the snow if yur getting some! Love, Deb Dikeman aka Schroeder,( Lynda’s across the street neighbor )

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  3. A perfect portrait and a beautiful grandaughter! I am with you on using natural light.

    • Oh thanks and I do just love ambient lighting. It is just the most favorable to work with. I will confess to wanting to use my flash more effectively though as there are times when it would be best.

  4. Shoreacres has it right: great composition!

    • With girl and cat can’t take full credit. Sometimes things just conspire to come together beautifully!! We had such a short time to play with the camera, just the one day!! I look forward to the next visit.

  5. Beautiful portrait!

    • Hi Phil! Thanks for stopping in to look and comment!! Active girls and cats are not so unlike birds… gotta wait for the look into the camera and be ready. 🙂

  6. Wow, the light is just stunning! And what a lovely girlie!!

    • Window light is generally pretty great, and especially on a grey or cloudy day..the light is white but diffuse and will give a nice soft look.

  7. What a wonderfully sweet image! Love the lighting, kitty, and kiddy! Elise and Coco… What sublime names!

  8. Absolutely Beautiful, such clarity and love the light from the window!!

    • Hi Jim! The picture is truly a moment of calm in the swirl of youthful activity. Just a perfect glance at the camera one sec…I was not even concentrating on Coco at that moment. Then not too many frames later all hell breaks loose with Coco trying to get away and Elise having a stranglehold around her neck. That’s life!!

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