Dried Roses – again

Dried Roses-with color and texures

Trying to salvage the life fading from the dried roses subjects of my last post, I revisited those files and enjoyed some more Photoshop play. The first image features a rather stark arrangement of three roses chosen for their remaining color. With those I combined texture grunge layers with some color tint and light adjustment to resurrect the fading blooms a bit. I enjoy the grunge textures as they can add a painterly feel even though not a brush stroke was used. The middle black and white image also utilizes the texture layers to make the arrangement look more cohesive than the background I had put them in front of originally. The same goes for image number three where I left the faded creamy color of the dried rose, used grunge and a vintage wall paper to give it a more interesting background and feel.  The top rose in the black and white image fascinates me with personality as it seems to be paying attention to its vase-mate below & with leafy arms and a leafy cowlick atop its pretty head.

I hope you enjoy the experimentation. This is what happens when a bird photographer cannot get out to the birds!! 🙂

Dried Roses Still Life - Black and White with texture

Dried Rose - Single with bowed head-wallpaper and grunge textured

As Ever,

~ by Judy on January 20, 2014.

10 Responses to “Dried Roses – again”

  1. Judy, you do such a good job at making elderly “past its prime” all dried up wrinkly things look marvelous, I’m of a mind to hire you to work on my portrait! 🙂 Blessings, dear!

  2. Your dried roses are fabulous. I can’t keep looking at them time and time again.

    • Great to get that input!! I actually like still life pictures and always have intentions to do some but when the weather is nice and the chattering of hungry chicks beckons….hard to stay indoors away from the rookery!! Of course now it’s a little nippy here in Sunny South Florida with rainy fronts coming through…so good time to think about indoor adventures.

  3. I so like these compositions, especially that first one, What might be called ‘T’ roses? 🙂

    • Even with the birds I tend to like dark backgrounds with the bird and leaves catching the light and standing out of the dark. So that first composition takes advantage of the dark background and the warm glow of the texture gives an artistic feel. I am glad you liked the ‘T’ Roses!! Now it has a name.

  4. Very creative! Really looks outstanding.

  5. These are absolutely stunning… Nearly painterly! I just love them; they’re poetic and beautiful.

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