Nesting Cattle Egrets

Cattle Egret Nesting Pair with Egg in Nest

Today sharing some images of nesting Cattle Egrets. Their colorful breeding plumage, fierce demeanor and feisty behavior makes them a favorite to observe and photograph. This pair guards over a single baby blue egg but I am sure they produced three during the season as that is a common number of eggs where I am able to observe. Rather peaceful scene above with time for a good scratch in between the twig gathering for nest maintenance, preening and of course making those other blue eggs.

Cattle Egret Mating Pair Nest Building

Cattle Egret Preening at Nest

Cattle Egret Chicks-selective color treatment

 A couple of youngsters in a partially desaturated treatment to show the colors of the birds without the distraction of the tattered green leaves around them. Nesting colonies are not always pretty, full as they are with droppings caking leaves made ragged by the race to be fed,  youngsters bounding around the nests, and defensive maneuvers between neighboring nests and species!!


~ by Judy on January 5, 2014.

11 Responses to “Nesting Cattle Egrets”

  1. What amazing photographs….

    • Thanks very much for your visit here!! I too enjoyed viewing your paintings and illustrations!! May our muses hover close in the new year!! 🙂

  2. Great captures! That last photo is especially nice.

    • Thanks for the mention of the black and white treatment. I don’t actually often make a black and white image keeping some of the color areas. The young cattle egrets have basically soft color to them with the bluish eyes turning yellow, some soft blue on the eyelids, and that greenish yellow on their knobby knees. The raggedy green leaves and the poop just distracted from the little guys themselves. So, glad you thought it worked!!

  3. I’m especially fond of the second photo. the composition is great. It took a second look for me to realize the one on the right has a stick in its beak – he must have made a run over the Nest Depot for supplies!

    • It is harder to see in the sized imaged I loaded for the post but the bird in the nest is also holding onto a branch that curls off the side of that same twig. Sorta like HE went to Nest Depot and SHE grabs the goods to rearrange the furniture herself!!

  4. While I’m a fan of the next-to-last photo. Each to his own!

    • Well, I like picture one..has lots of nice dappled light, a lovely view of the pretty blue egg, and a stellar foot scratch pose!! Right? 🙂 I always am a sucker for the wing spread preening poses though so can’t help but include them… glad you liked the pretty wing!! Thanks!

  5. Lovely captures!

  6. I love the posture of that first bird – very Dickensian; it makes me smile – and my thanks for that

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