Great Blue Heron – Only November and the Season Begins

Great Blue Heron Staring Down Something beneath its nest

A Great Blue Heron, already arranging twigs for a nest, gives a sharp, fierce look to something it didn’t like near his spot! I did not see the object of its gaze but saw the look and the bill snap threateningly.

After an absence of months, I visited my favourite rookery at Wakodahatchee this weekend. It was just wonderful to be back.  While many of the tree islands looked like habitat waiting to be filled by nesting birds, there was still much to see…there always is. There were anhingas, cormorants, a little blue heron, a black crowned night heron, a fierce least bittern in battle with a snake it intended to dine upon, plenty of boat tailed grackles, white egrets, moorhens, a green heron, oh and a gator….lots of life always in the wetlands. And, the weather was delightful, moderate fall in Florida..warm with a sweet dryness in the air.

Today’s post is of Great Blue Herons which , I can’t believe it, are already building nests and endeavoring to attract mates. It is only November after all! But, a few are home and in their mating garb already. This majestic species will always find its way into my viewfinder no matter how often they have occupied that space in the past. So enjoy the beginning of a new season; it’s bound to be a great one!!

Great Blue Heron assumes contortionist pose while preening

I was going to title this post…Great Blue Heron – Contortionist. They do assume the most impossible positions as they preen and scratch. How do they do that with their necks? You can see the bright blue lore, reddening  bill and  legs of the mating colors and plumage already.

Great Blue Heron Preening in Neck turned back position

Great Blue Heron Ready for a Mate in early November

He works on the nest, preens quite a bit, and does the neck stretch display to entice a lady!

Great Blue Heron in Mating Display Stretch as the day wanes

Even as the day lengthens into evening, he is still hopeful!!

Happy Birding!!




~ by Judy on November 3, 2013.

19 Responses to “Great Blue Heron – Only November and the Season Begins”

  1. That is quite a neck stretch!

  2. Wonderful heron, one of my favourite birds, great shots and lovely blog !

  3. Great photos! I love the one where he’s craning his neck and preening!

    • I do enjoy watching the birds preening and the strange and beautiful positons they take on while doing so. So glad you enjoyed the pictures!!

  4. Wacky Wakodahatchee! No matter what kind of week you are having, a trip to that wonderland is sure to cheer you up. Where there are ALWAYS Great Blues to teach you the meaning of the word “regal”!

  5. The Burj Khalifa of birds. Nice work. Nice necks.

    • Never thought of comparing a bird with the world’s tallest structure, but that sense of stretching into the high reaches of the sky certainly fits!! They both have the slender, pointed reach. I have to confess my ignorance though because at first I thought you were referring to the flexible neck positions of the birds and the reference was to a ballet dancer perhaps. Yeah I know 🙂 I appreciate your stopping by to take a look!

  6. I always love the photos from your trips to the rookery at Wakodahatchee. They are indeed contortionists. 😀

  7. Gorgeous bird and photos! And, what a neck stretch!

  8. Just gorgeous!!! It’s already starting, though?! WOW. We need to meet up, lady! I need to escape my CAVE! Heh heh!!

    • HeyGirl. If I’m gonna play with you pros, it’s gotta be the weekend. Alas (sigh) I have become an office rat.

      • Heee…. See how out of the loop I’ve been? I’m trying to get back, baby steps! An office rat though, heh! Welcome to the grind?!?

  9. These are fantastic shots, To catch the bird just at those moments. Incredible.

  10. […] you. I probably repeated it several times after. I will repeat it now, just to be sure. I thank you Janthina Images. (If you’ve not checked out her blog, then so do now. With her wonderful images of egrets and […]

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