Key West Lighthouse Christmas Card and How to Create A Card

Key West Light Christmas Card

The above Key West Lighthouse Christmas Card is available in my Greeting Cards for Sale Online Gallery. The front of the card is one of my favourite vertical shots of the lighthouse. The interior of the card has a small horizontal view of the light with a small building on the grounds on the left side. The message text on the inside right reads:

May this historic Key West Beacon

Light the way for a Very

Merry  Christmas


A Happy New Year!

The back of the card has a nice pattern background in matching the feature colors.

The card prints beautifully and really is most attractive. Consider it for your Christmas Card needs this upcoming holiday season especially for those who may have fond memories of  Key West and its historic beacon!


If you would rather design your own card using the templates in the Create A Card feature of my Selected Images for Sale Gallery you can have some fun there. Here are some basic directions to help you get started. You can use the same images I show on this card with text of your own making or any other image that you like.

1.         Go to Janthina Images   Selected Images for Sale Gallery           

2.         Gallery thumbnails will display with a larger image on the right.

            Above the large picture is a BUY button. Click that…

3.         Choose “Create A Card” from the drop down menu.

Gallery Screen to hit Buy Button and Choose Create A Card

4.         Choose a Card Type: In this case 5 x 7 Card (Folded)

5.         This opens a screen with the gallery images on the right side to choose from, and displays a default card with the first image.

6.         Beneath find ‘Designs’—and from that drop down you can choose the kind of  template you are looking for: For the Key West Light Card I chose the category


Key West Card Front in Create A Card Screen

7.         Scroll from left to right for the Holiday choices…you will see the one I used about halfway in, but play with any you like.

8.         At this point you can view the front, inside, and back of the card and look as you change picture or text.

9.         Drag the image of your choice into the photo section/s. You can move the picture around for best view or crop within the photo box.

10.       Type your message into the text box. You can choose from a nice list of fonts and  colors. You can also size the type within box parameters.

            Note: If you do not want text leave the text box empty and it will just be blank and ready for your own handwritten message. The template I used for the Key West  card has two places for text..front on the Happy Holidays banner and on the inside. I did not choose to put any extra text on the banner as just on the inside.

Inside of Key West Christmas Card

Key West Christmas Card Back

11.       Once the card is to your liking, reviewing the front, inside and back. Specify  quantity (1, box of 10 or box of 25) and ADD TO CART.

 Note: Once you are in the Cart the front image of the card will display as a thumbnail but you will not be able to view the inside of the card at that point.

 I hope that some of you might enjoy working with the templates and have some fun with it. It is fun for me to present some images that you might want to work with or feel works with the kinds of messages/cards you want to send. You will be able to access your card again in the future by returning to your order confirmation page (which is linked in your confirmation email) and click the image thumbnail to see that photo/card in the gallery.  This would take you to a gallery for any desired reorders of the same card.


At times I have utilized the templates and when I find a combination which I like, I then make the card available in my Greeting Cards for Sale Online Gallery. There you just order the card or card layout as a photo and the only product is the 5 x 7 Card.  No need to go to  Create A Card in the cards only gallery as all the image files there are cards ready for printing. Most cards there, however, are ones I designed with my own design elements and backgrounds. So you can design your own as above or use the completed cards in the Card Gallery.

If you have a chance, enjoy experimenting!! You are always welcome to browse my images.

I know it is a little early for the holidays but you can design cards as gifts, or design cards with your holiday greetings. I am feeling a bit behind already and thought I’d share this facility now.

As Ever,


~ by Judy on October 17, 2013.

7 Responses to “Key West Lighthouse Christmas Card and How to Create A Card”

  1. It seemed like you’ve been away from your blog for a while, though I see you have posted once before this month. Though I generally try to avoid thinking of the holidays before December 10, I’ll be shopping for cards!

    • One thing to consider if anyone is considering custom cards or print on demand cards such as these, is to order as early as possible as it gets to be quite a volume for the printing companies in December! Time goes by so fast it is scary!! But, I am already enjoying the drop in temperature and humidity here in Florida…I love the fall and the coolness in the air!

      Thanks for stopping by and keeping track!!

  2. Wow, Judy. That photo makes a gorgeous card. But now that I think of it, ALL of your photos would make incredible cards. Just beautiful. 🙂

  3. Oh, I’m so glad you posted this! Time is slipping away – somehow, it still feels like Christmas is months away. But it’s not. I need to get myself in gear! When I begin feeling gloomy about having to get off the trail and go back home, I’ll console myself with a reminder that going back to work will make it possible for me to buy my Christmas cards and gifts!

    • Wow, I can’t believe you are reading this while on your grand adventure!! But, you are so right and I so need to get in gear too!! I am looking forward to the season, the lovely cool weather, and the migratory bird season which adds to the prospects of the entire time frame. Meanwhile, have fun and savor the sights.

  4. […] Key West Lighthouse Christmas Card is described in a previous post with some directions on how to put it together if you wanted. Clicking on either of these two images […]

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