Hungry White Egret Chicks

Hungry White Egret Chicks At Parent's Bill

Hungry white egret chicks do not waste much time when mom or dad arrives back at the nest with a gullet full of afternoon snack. The grabbing of the parent’s bill and tugging downward helps to stimulate the regurgitation process so that the food can be delivered to eager young mouths. Feeding time is always a bit of a show and a kind of avian tug of war pulling the bill down then up in a seesaw sort of fashion until a tasty morsel appears.

These photographs were taken just exactly one week after my previous post of the rainy day images. Even discounting the fact that the feathers were wet in the previous photos, already the chicks coverage of feathers is more complete. And now they are dry and fluffy!! The lore or skin around the parent’s eye is already turned from the breeding green to yellow again. And, the aigrettes, while still luxurious, are beginning to thin out from the mating and egg laying stage.

I confess to indulging my desire to follow this nest as it is the first time I have been able to do this with the Great Egrets from the mating display, nest building and mating, egg laying, and raising of young chicks and likely until they fledge. Just kind of nice to see the cycle through. So if I can hang in through the increasing heat…well if they can, I can!! 🙂

Parent Feeding White Egret Chicks

Hard to tell with these two chicks which might be considered dominant…first hatched usually. They seem on even par with each other and jointly encouraging the delivery of their meal.

Wait Up!! White Egret Chicks trail after parent post feeding.

Hey Wait!! More, we want more!!

Two White Egret Chicks

Getting big enough to stay all alone until the next flight in with food!!

White Egret Chick

Solo portrait of one of our little guys in the brilliant afternoon sun!!

As Ever,

~ by Judy on July 11, 2013.

12 Responses to “Hungry White Egret Chicks”

  1. great photography

  2. These images are so fine! Watching the chicks develop is great, but it’s very interesting to see the changes taking place in the adults, too, as they get back to “normal”.

    Trust me, all of us hope you can hang in through the heat. I was just heading out for work, and all it took was opening the door to send me back in for one more glass of water before I go out there. It’s only 77, but the humidity feels as though it may be nearing 95%! That’s Texas summer, though – 95/95, as we call it.

    • Oh I know the heat is hot in Texas!! As a teenager we lived on Fort Hood and I remember the heat..dry heat of course and you could burn before you halfway felt it. Here in Florida, its the humidity that will drive you indoors. But, I whine a bit about it knowing full well that south Florida with its ocean breezes is far from being the nations hot spot!!

      July is actually the latest I have ever visited the rookery before usually leaving the birds to themselves until next season. But, there seem to be late nesters and I even saw some white egrets engaging in courtship displays this late in the year.

  3. Wonderful interaction between the adult egret and the babies.
    As you say—“Hey wait!! More, we want more!”
    The caring parent in these photos is going to need a vacation (or at least a nice rest) after raising these beautiful babies!

    • Oh that was my thought many times watching the great blue herons, tri-color herons, cattle egrets, and white egrets feeding their youngsters. How do they all survive the rough and tumble of the feeding sessions. First time I witnessed great blue feeding I thought for sure the chicks were ripping out the parent’s throats..very aggressive and wild. But, nature has its own plan. Even when dominant chicks push out or cause starvation of their weaker siblings by sheer force of access to the parents ,it assures survival of the strongest. Much as we hate to watch it happen. The white egrets seem enthusiastic yet gentler about the process than the great herons though.

  4. Another vote for hanging in there through the heat . . . though I realize it’s easier for us to encourage you than for you to actually do it!

    • Too tru!! But, compulsion will carry me I think a bit longer I think!! Meanwhile…tomorrow is FRIDAY ..and a new chapter!!! No pressure though!! No not at all!!

  5. Tremendous photos, those babies are adorable.

  6. What beautiful portraits of these lovelies…. I love the effect, so very soft. 🙂

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