Cattle Egret Chicks Growing Up

Cattle Egret Chick

These little cattle egret chicks are growing fast! They go from down to fully feathered in about two or three weeks and will fledge at about 1 month old. Adults have yellow eyes which become bright red at the height of the mating season. These little guys seem not so different than other babies and start out with blue eyes.  Close up the clear blue irises already show tinges of light yellow and the intense expression they will grow into. Like all babies they seem curious, alert to their world and sensitive to all the activity at the colony.

Two Cattle Egret Nestmates

Curious Cattle Egret Chick

Gotta  enjoy them now as they grow up so fast!!

~ by Judy on June 22, 2013.

10 Responses to “Cattle Egret Chicks Growing Up”

  1. Judy, Great images, and engaging discussion. Jack

    • Thanks Jack!! I am glad you have enjoyed the baby birds!! Ecuador is home to many egrets and herons and soon it will be you posting some evocative scenes of tropical lush jungles, bromeliads, and beautiful bird species!! Traveling mercies!!

  2. Did you know that you had this style of writing in you before you got the digital camera in your hands?

    • I am not sure what my writing style is currently. In the past when I just wanted to describe the beautiful places I was visiting…whether the primordial feel of the swamp or the crystal clear waters surging around one of the Florida Reef lights…I thought of myself as just a descriptive writer. I wanted to show the mood of the adventure. I still favor descriptive writing but more often now try and be more informational. While I am lucky enough to regard a great heron as a frequent sight and well understood, not everyone in all parts of the world see them. When I started taking pictures of birds, I learned a lot about what I only thought I knew because I was not aware how much bird coloring changes from the juvenile stages, to adult, to breeding hormone enhanced colorations. So I try to explain as I go if I can and I am learning along in the process!!

      Maybe a better answer as regards the digital camera is that before I started shooting I never paid much attention to the details around me. I was just there. Once the digital camera was in my hand, I wanted to describe the adventure, the shoot, and so actively began to pay attention and take notes even. Especially at sea when I wanted the charting course to remember and learn what the nautical markers meant!! Of course, now you can buy a camera like the Canon 6D with the ability to tag photos with a GPS feature. Crazy!! With one of those at least if I found a rare Ghost Orchid out hiking, I’d know where it was!! I really must put that on my BH Photo Wish List! 🙂

  3. Hey Judy,
    Just wanted to tell u how much I have enjoyed your photos ….thanks so much…

    • Oh, thanks Deb!! Encouragement will keep me in all manner of trouble!! But, super glad that you are enjoying them.

  4. Very cute…which I don’t normally say about birds. How close or far are you?

    • I have been putting thought into the distance. My husband has a joke about why women are poor judges of distance, but this is a family friendly site so I better not relate it!! 🙂 I am admittedly bad at judging distances but my lens was set at 300mm for the baby birds and I think this group was probably 30-50 feet away from where I was standing. So, in the grand scheme not too far. The rookery I like to visit is perfect for me because many of the tree islands are close enough for 300mm with a small sensor camera. So actually it acted as 480mm with the 1.6 conversion factor. There are further out islands with nesting wood storks which are definitely out of reach for my equipment.

      I am glad you thought these young cattle egrets were cute…especially when you usually don’t use cute to describe birds!! I find it interesting that young birds do have that cute factor appeal in their soft downy fuzz , movement and expression as all young creatures seem to have. I think most times birds are perceived as having a cold, calculating eye!

  5. Wonderful pictures! I really liked them!

  6. What sweet, beautiful portraits of these young’uns…. I finally made a trip to the rookery, and was captivated by these guys as well! Just wonderful.

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