Cattle Egret Chicks – Feeding Sequence with Dad

Happy Fathers’ Day!!

Cattle Egret Parent on Scene- feeding frenzy ensues

This is Dad arriving home to his hungry offspring!! The day was very hot when I arrived on site and most everyone stuck to their shaded nests. Excepting the humans with their black boxes outfitted with shiny cyclopean lenses out in the sun trying to capture the nesting behaviours and cute little chicks.

Hungry Cattle Egret Chick

First chick to get access to Dad and helping to stimulate the regurgitation process for a nice drink of fish juice….yeah I know!!

Cattle Egret Parent looking stately

Dad looking rather stately and regrouping after a bout of feeding with his three uncouth munchkins nearby.

Hungry Cattle Egret Chicks Stimulate Feeding Process

Action is much quicker than my still photos indicate, as the chicks are in constant movement. The parent’s bill is grabbed for feeding, then Dad jumps away, then is back in the game again.

Cattle Egret Parent Getaway - Feeding is exhausting

Making a clean getaway, feeding the youngsters is exhausting!!

Cattle Egret After Feeding Looking at chicks

This feeding session is complete for the time being and Dad has taken an elegant stance on a branch overlooking his kids!!

Cattle Egret Chicks - Where did he go?

Meanwhile the nestlings are all aflap wondering where’d Dad get to!!

Happy Fathers Day to All the Great Fathers out there so lovingly providing for their mate and the little ones still in the nest!!



~ by Judy on June 16, 2013.

10 Responses to “Cattle Egret Chicks – Feeding Sequence with Dad”

  1. Beautiful post

  2. What an absolutely beautiful Father’s Day post. Your birds have admirable qualities well beyond their feathers, and you do such a good job of capturing all that beauty – inside and out!

    • Definitely these last couple of years I’ve really learned more about the mating and nesting habits of herons and egrets than I ever knew before. And, the mating pairs are truly inspirational in their loyalty during the breeding season and equal sharing through it all…nest building and care and feeding of the young. Amazing really!!

  3. Fantastic series of photos of these amazing birds! Dad sure is quite a character and always love seeing the cattle egrets!

    • Its true…cattle egrets have such a fierce demeanor and always fun to see how intense they are! Thanks for the good words!!

  4. Beautiful captures!

  5. Such a sweet post…. So beautiful. I finally made it out for the first time in *weeks* and phew you’re right, it was warm, to put it politely. 🙂

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