Janthina Images Introduces New Heron Moon Greeting Card! with Etheree Poetry by Linda Leinen!

Heron Moon Greeting Card - Front Image

Some time ago Linda Leinen, exquisite writer, essayist, poet, and author of  The Task at Hand blog, wrote the beautiful etheree poem you see on the card inside view below. In a previous post I related the most amazing circumstance while taking pictures of nesting herons. They say that a photographer must, in the course of things,  learn to read the weather patterns and become aware of dawning points and moon rise points as our great world spins and the seasons change these coordinates, in order to better plan shots.  Even so I was unaware of moon rise that day or at what point in the sky it was expected to show up. All I know is that when the heron flew by and settled near its nest, my gaze followed until it alighted in such perfect position relative to a moon which appeared as if by magic!!

My absolute first thought when this scene unfolded was of Linda’s etheree.  I cannot envision a more perfect marriage of image and poem as these two are. I designed the card quite simply and let the picture and the words carry the concept.  When you open the card the poem is placed on the upper portion allowing plenty of room beneath for your personal hand-written note.

I did order a couple of prints before putting it up into the order gallery to make sure it printed beautifully and lined up ok with the print company’s trimming. My father LOVED the picture and Linda’s poem and so today ..a bit late but it should get there on time… I wrote on mine a Happy Father’s Day message for him. Doesn’t always have to be a sailboat or a tie image, right?!!  Of course my parents are my biggest fans!!

Heron Moon Greeting Card -Inside View- Featuring Linda Leinen's Etheree Poetry

A big thank you to Linda for allowing my card to be graced by your lovely words!! I personally just love it; it is perfect! And thanks to for those who suggested it ought to be a card.

As Ever,


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~ by Judy on June 14, 2013.

11 Responses to “Janthina Images Introduces New Heron Moon Greeting Card! with Etheree Poetry by Linda Leinen!”

  1. …. I am humbled to be allowed to be a fan of yours. You are truly an artist. Thank you!

    • That is sooo truly sweet and I appreciate it immensely!! You know I did have you in mind when I thanked those who suggested it ought to be a card…because you said it first!! Do you remember?

      • …. Don’t even TRY to pass off any credit my way. You have a gift; one we all appreciate. I know how hard you work at your so-called hobby. Your work adds just a glimmer of light to an otherwise darkening world. Kudos, Judy!

      • Thank you for that Jimbey!!

  2. It’s absolutely beautiful, Judy. So often we hear that someone was “in the wrong place at the wrong time”. In your case, you seem to find a way to be in the right place and the right time, and images like this are the result. I especially like the surrounding “cast of characters” – just enough other birds in the background to give a sense of the community in which this truly great heron lives!

    • I have to admit it was fun to turn around and say, ‘Oh man, look at that!!’ There is a lot of good advice in photography but the one I really always thought was great was “f8 and be there!” f8 is a forgiving f stop and nothing happens if you are not there. In a very real way if you are in front of a glorious sunset, you will capture a glorious sunset. The rest is details. One of the nice things about the web is seeing all the great photography in the world and getting to see the world through the view of all the ones who are there–where they are!! Right?!!

      Enduring thanks to you for the inspiration via the ‘rivulets of silver, flashes of stars.’ I love that!!

  3. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL…. The image and the poem combined are breathtaking. What a stunning piece.

    • Oh, so glad you like it. I feel very lucky to not only have been there when both elements showed up together but to have Linda’s perfect words to add to the mood of the image.

  4. beautiful 🙂

  5. Stunningly beautiful work, Janthina…and beautiful words, Linda! I truly couldn’t imagine a more exquisitely perfect blend of imagery and words than what you’ve managed here. What a lucky sight that must have been…the photo is amazing, I can only imagine the real setting.

    • Jon,
      Your comment is wonderful and so much appreciated!! The sight earth’s silvery sphere with a graceful heron in the foreground is just a magical gift!! It was very serene just looking at it..excepting I had to work the camera!! LOL! Here is Linda Leinen’s link to her post where she introduced the etheree the first time so you could check it out and pass along your thoughts on the poem to her directly. Always nice to know something you did is regarded so well!! Plus you will enjoy her writing and upbeat philosophy all ’round!! Again, thanks so much!!

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