Tri-Color Fledgling – High Key Portrait

Tri-Color Heron Fledgling - High Key Portrait

High Key might not be exactly the correct way to describe this Tri-color Heron portrait. But, I wanted to go very light with it relative to my usual low key tendencies and make it a portrait in so far as I adjusted the background for the addition of a texture layers and tones.  Because I really like the way it looks big on my computer, I could not resist posting despite having already shared some images of this same young fledgling. Sometimes subsequent review of images from a shoot draws you into a different image and different ideas on how to treat the picture. This of course is why the advice to be ruthless in deletions is so difficult for a pack rat like myself who sees value in just about everything.  So really  I am just getting this out of my system. I wanted this one to be about light and about the textures of the young feathers, bill and eye of the bird. I have an exceptionally bright monitor, even with dampening down for more realistic viewing and proper adjustments, and have found that viewing pictures with my iPad is often lot closer to the look of my monitor than the unit at my office is. Color space, transmitted vs reflected light, viewing devices, various print media ….the bane of my existence…getting something to look the way you want and having it look the same everywhere (for better or worse.)  It must be late since I am whining about color space now—-a recurring lament!!

I hope you don’t mind too much being along for the ride occasionally with some experimentation.

Your view, comments and criticisms are all welcomed in equal measure!!

Thanks for Listening and Sweet Dreams,



~ by Judy on June 6, 2013.

12 Responses to “Tri-Color Fledgling – High Key Portrait”

  1. This is outstanding!

    • All smiles here!! Super glad to get that input on the portrait!! My subject was very cooperative and didn’t even complain if I got his bad side!! 🙂

  2. Well, I must say – if light and texture were your primary concerns, you did well. It’s a beautiful portrait. Now that I look again, it has many characteristics of a good pencil sketch, the kind of clean definition that you can’t get with paint or charcoal. (Or with a “pencil sketch” processing program, I might add!)

    I thought about you bird photographers yesterday when I stepped off a boat I was working on. I didn’t realize a Louisiana heron was fishing off the spring line, just below where I stepped off. We scared each other to death. He flew straight up and I got a taste of feathers before he made his escape!

    • So cute having startled each other…both of you absorbed in your work!! Can so visualize that!!

      Well I may very well have to enjoy my high key portrait of the young tricolor right here on WordPress forever. It seems that somehow working late last night I knocked my external drive with my most recent pictures onto the carpet and I think while it was running. I did not have it well situated. So it isn’t talking to my computer anymore!! I try to have backups and so forth and I do have the capture shot ok elsewhere but not the work. Sigh!!

      With photography I have found if you pass up a beautifully lit scene to go back and get it later…won’t be the same…you want it, get it when you see it. Or if you have a shot you’d like a do over on, nope on that too…you can go back but you will have something different even from the same place…not necessarily bad could be better ..just not the same if that is what you were after. So, same with artistic treatments in Photoshop. Even if you remember every step you did, it never looks exactly the same and at a certain point you must get past that and work with a fresh eye and discover something as wonderful or pleasing in the process of recreation .

      So I have been getting over my carelessness while dusting and organizing my bookshelves and mulling over the fleeting nature of art while putting Rod McKuen next to the Complete Works of John Keats in my poetry section!

  3. Oh, gosh. I’m so sorry – but you know, the People Who Understand Such Things often can get the gizmos working again, or at least get the information off them. Hey! Maybe you could call the NSA – they seem to have lots of folks working with computer stuff these days!

    Actually, we have a bit of serendipity to celebrate. You need to go over to Lisa’s site and see her pencil drawings there. I just laughed and laughed when I saw them. She’s working on egrets rather than herons, but she’s putting that pencil to work!

    • hey both of you amigas! yes, the study is beautiful, and no one would ever grow weary of seeing those beautiful portraits. so sorry that your hard drive took a knock. the other night when we lost power, i had just booted up the computer. my flashlight was nearby, as was a tall glass of wtater. i rarely put anything to drink near the computer – but this night i did, and i knocked that to the floor while groping for the flashlight. luckily it missed everything except a rug.

      i hope that you’re soon united with your files again. that’s like losing a limb!

      linda, i loved ‘got a taste of feathers,’ and chuckled at the thought. i once found myself calling after a big iguana, ‘you think i scared you? you scared me too!’

      • Hola back!! I was just talking about you and the notice thing was orange…and there you are!!

        I talk to the animals too but usually I am chastising them for running away from me when I’m only pointing a Canon at them. Like, “don’t go that tricolor the other day loved his portrait!! ” Oh well, so people wonder about us!!

        Do draw more birds!! I love seeing those.

      • ja! the restaurant cat was quite elusive.. it likes to sneak up on everyone but doesn’t like it when the tables are turned and it gets attention!

        the frogs here are quite funny and make great subjects to photograph or sketch. most, if i ‘pet’ it with a water-moistened finger, will stay in any pose i place them! we have lots of photo sessions, and i wonder how many people would freak out at the thought of chasing frogs around the house!

        some don’t like geckos either, but i love them!

      • So interesting about petting the frogs…I guess it puts them in a kind of ‘thrall.’ Although, I am not above sitting still for a good massage!!

  4. Did you just add that bit of green filigree in the sidebar? I like it.

    • Oh yes I did see Lisa’s Snowy Egrets and even tried make it go bigger so I could see the detail as she’s such a fine artist!! I’ve been wanting her to put a white heron on one of her mola designs like she does with the lizards..I think it would look cool!! She’s been doing drawings left handed for the challenge also and can draw a fern way better left-handed than I can right-handed!!! No fair!! I used to draw lot as a kid though and really enjoyed doing birds, horses, and palm trees!! But, I am not a natural with shapes so I appreciate others who are.

      Oh, on the green design element, I put that on the side bar as a separator before the long thin swamp pic with the hanging vine but it was not so terribly long ago. I am glad that you liked it!!

  5. excellent 🙂

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