Tri-Color Heron (Louisiana Heron) Fledgling – Sepia & Color Portraits

Tri-Color Heron Fledgling Sepia Portrait

Like all teenagers, tri-color fledglings are fearless! This young one let me get up close and personal on a brilliant late Sunday afternoon this month!! Tri-color herons aka Louisana Herons are always energetic and inquisitive!!

Audubon also commented on the curious fearlessness of this species, “Although timid, they are less shy than most other species, and more easily procured.  I have frequently seen one alight at the distance of a few yards, and gaze on me as if endeavouring to discover my intentions.  This apparent insensibility to danger has given rise to the appellation of Egrette folle, which is given to them in Lower Louisiana.”

This specimen still sports what is left of the spiky head feathers characteristic of nestling herons and strutted like a confident rock star!! The first two images are toned with the first being a true sepia. The third portrait is of the natural brilliant color setting which the afternoon offered!

Tri-Color Heron Rock Star

Our little rock star looks even more so taking advantage of the backlit sparkly lens bokeh in this toned conversion.

Tri-color Heron Fledgling on a brilliant late afternoon

Color me!!

The juvenile tri-color features slate wing feathers tipped with rust along with rusty brown colorations of the neck and head. The eyes and bill are yellow. Contrast this with this previously posted image of the breeding adult with its darker bill which turns quite blue when nesting (yellow otherwise) and with gorgeous ruby eyes, white crest plumes and coppery aigrettes.  The three colors of the Tri-color Heron include a white belly, a slate blue body and a wine or burgundy coloring on the back. This diminutive heron is the only dark heron with a white belly. While I still favor calling this bird the Louisiana Heron, Tri-color Heron is favored today. I suppose it makes sense eliminating the geographical context since their range is not exclusive to Louisiana. Egrets are a sub-category of herons which have the delicate back plumes when breeding.  So while this bird is called  heron, it does feature aigrettes and is formally named Egretta tricolor.

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~ by Judy on May 31, 2013.

8 Responses to “Tri-Color Heron (Louisiana Heron) Fledgling – Sepia & Color Portraits”

  1. So beautiful, as always. And, nice you can “procure” one like Audubon but with your camera! These birds are so elegant — even as teenagers!!

    • Absolutely!! I only shoot them with my Canon!! 🙂 I love the textures of these juvenile tricolors. The feathers on the head and neck look like someone cut them in a blunt fashion very precisely in layers.

  2. Ah, just wonderful images…. Love these young’uns!! Such personality.

  3. That second photo is a classic. Curiosity, vulnerability, humor, all in one wonderful package. I do think that black and white helps to bring out some qualities in these birds that color can obscure. In any event, they’re all wonderful – young birds are just so appealing!

    • It is kind of interesting that even to human eyes they ‘look’ young and we see that personality, as compared to the refined elegance of the adults.

  4. Love the second photo—-personality captured!

    • LOL!! The young louisiana herons definitely have personality. It is such fun to watch them them tumbling about the branches in a nesting colony. But, these guys are getting more mature, but still have that inquisitive youthful expression.

      Thanks for stopping in to take a look.

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