Great Blue Heron Flys over a thick carpet of aquatic plants

So far I haven’t had the patience to concentrate on, let alone master the art of bird flight photography. Getting what I call ‘wings up’ captures as birds land in a rookery or as they posture with wings spread in defence of territory, is not the same as flight photography. I greatly admire those wildlife photographers who are accomplished at this and seriously regret that I get so distracted that I let opportunities go unanswered and untried. So this image is truly serendipity!! The day was getting on with late day light still shooting horizontally across the landscape from the west. Purple shadows though already clung to the foliage carpeting the wetland below.  While I did have my camera at the ready, the Great Blue Heron flying by was so unexpected that I was simply lucky to frame and focus before it passed me by. The majestic wing beat over the wetland was like a manta ray gliding over watery sea grasses…gently and with all the time in the world…for just a moment before disappearing into the distance and creating a desire to fly along with it.

An image from the month of April, its hues of purple and green remind me of Spring.

“The desire to fly is an idea handed down to us by our ancestors who…looked enviously on the birds soaring freely through space…on the infinite highway of the air.”
-Wilbur Wright

~ by Judy on May 4, 2013.

9 Responses to “Soaring”

  1. Hi Judy
    Hope your doing well,
    Wow, that shot is unbelievable….You have mastered photographing a bird in flight as far as I can see ! Thank you for sharing your pics with me.
    Best wishes,
    Debi Dikeman ( Lynda Gail’s ole friend from across the street ? )

    • Hi Deb!! So glad you visited my humble blog, enjoyed the pic and left a comment!! I think the picture will encourage me to work a little harder at some inflight captures. I did not forget Deb from across the street!! No not at all.

  2. Was finding the apt quote serendipitous, too?

  3. What a beautiful shot. I just commented to someone yesterday that it seems lack of patience is the big impediment I face when it comes to photographing butterflies. Birds, too, if I were to try that.

    I smiled at the Wright quotation. I have a friend who regularly says, when looking at birds, “I wish I could do that… I want to come back as a bird and just soar.”

    I love watching the Great Blues when they’re on their way home in the evening. They’re so quiet, so purposeful. The slower wing beats give them a certain gravitas as they fly!

    • We are truly lucky to be able to witness the grace and power of Great Blue Heron flight!! Your friend is right and oh to soar!! You always want to stay aloft in flying dreams. And, mine never end badly like my recurring falling off a bicycle dream which always wakes me up with a jolt when I hit the ground.

  4. Wonderfully caught. And your bird looks positively luminous against that somber background. Lovely work. All the best from Santiago…

  5. Thank you so much for the lovely comment! Sometimes the Green Heron is called the Green-Backed Heron. When I was working on this picture it seemed a good name for the Great Blue could be Silver-Backed Heron as it looked in the diminishing light. Thanks so much for your visit and all the best from sunny South Florida.

  6. What a stunning shot…. I just adore, as you say, the purples, blues, greens — ALL of my favorite colors! And wrapped up in such an amazing composition.

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