Louisiana Heron Chicks

Tri-Clolor Heron Chicks scamper like monkeys among the branches

Louisiana Herons (Egretta tri-color) are surely the daintiest and most lady- like in appearance of the herons and egrets. Audubon referred to this lovely species as the’ Lady of the Waters’ for its delicacy of movement and wonderful color. Their chicks however must surely be the most rambunctious of all the heron chicks!! They are my very favourite to watch scampering like monkeys up and down the branches with amazing agility. Beautiful green spring leaves are no match and  are left in tatters in their wake!! In fact it was watching the Louisian Heron chicks that made me appreciate something Audubon observed about the way trees grow which are home to nesting birds season after season. The trees become stunted kind of like  Banzai trees as the birds tear up the leaves and upper branches disturbing apical dominance. And so the trees of a rookery do seem oddly cultivated by the annual avian rough and tumble!! If I had not seen what they do I would not have appreciated what Audubon noted.

The chick above is rushing out onto a single unsupported branch like a tightrope walker or maybe a balance beam gymnast!!

Tri-Color Balance Check

Like a human toddler learning to walk and throwing out its arms to balance, this tri-color chick does the same. Hanging on by its toes, wings thrown forward in a balance check and its youthful spiky head feathers blurred by the sudden jolt !

Tri-color chick scampers amid nesting colony branches

Having regained composure it races off branch to branch.

Tri-Color Chicks having a late afternoon chat waiting for dinner to arrive

Companionable chicks having a nice late afernoon chat while waiting for the parental dinner train.

Tri-Color Herons chicks on a mad chase for parent arriving with food

Are the parents ever prepared for the rush when they land near their ravenous brood? It’s always a chase!!

Tri-Color Chicks Bird Ball

Sometimes the chicks prevail and sometimes they get all tangled up into a bird ball with each other in the rush of things!

Tri-Color Heron Chick Chasing parent to be fed

And sometimes they prevail and successfully grab the parents beak for a nice pre-digested snack!

Tri-Color Heron Chicks with Parent in nest

Here uncouth little guys just look adorably cute while their parent preens nearby!! The mating colors of the adult definitely earn it the name’ Lady of the Waters!’  The coppery aigrettes, ruby eyes and white head crests present during the breeding season are just exquisite!

Tri-Color Heron Fledgling

And here we have the face of a fledgling with what remains of his youthful spiky hair do! He can fly and he knows it!!

Hope you enjoy these adorably active avian toddlers!! There is a certain universality to how exhausting it is to keep up with the young ‘uns!!


~ by Judy on April 23, 2013.

12 Responses to “Louisiana Heron Chicks”

  1. Wow! Absolutely fantastic series of photos of these amazing tri youngsters and adults!! Lucky you to have seen and photographed these scenes!

    • Thanks so much! It is true I do feel fortunate to have access to nesting birds and can enjoy watching various species through the season. The Tri-Color chicks really do have the most energy of them all and are just fun to watch as they scamper up and down the branches!!

  2. how can one not adore those precious fledglings? i love every image! thank you!

    • My pleasure to share the view of these young ones!! I know that your area has wonderful birdlife also and that you love them as well.

  3. And I thought watching kids eat was fascinating. Nice work!

    • Watching kids eat can be quite amusing for certain!! I remember one time my youngest son nearly got frost bite holding onto a Carnival ice cream cake until the piece he held was completely gone. We had company and I noticed him holding it in his hands out of the corner of my eye in a vague sort of way. He didn’t let out a scream until it was gone and then I saw little white spots on his finger tips. That’s terrible of me I know, but man, he was really committed to that piece of ice-cream cake. Seems baby birds are just as committed to their food!!

  4. Ah, what FUN and lovely shots of these guys…. I love the action!! Your descriptions are just wonderful, too. 🙂

    • Oh they are the most fun and have such personality!! Even though I keep switching favourites, I really think the tri-color chicks are the most playful!

  5. I’m just laughing and laughing. They are so funny – not just their behavior, which you capture so well, but those expressions on their faces! I keep thinking that some of these photos should find their way into grade schools, perhaps as prompts for the kids to write little hundred-word stories. I think they would identify with these little feathered imps!

    • Imps is a good word and goes with the way they scamper about the branches!! They are little feathered imps!!

  6. Amazing photos…great job in capturing action.

    • Oh thanks!! The Tri-color chicks are particularly fun for me to try and keep up with!! Thanks for comment and visit!!

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