Avian Portraits

Cattle Egret Sunset

Today just wanted to take advantage of the rainy day in between stints of laundry to play with some bird pictures. I wanted to simply combine some texture for an artistic feel with the bird portraits and yet in a natural context. The two images below are of a Green Heron and a Cattle Egret. As always I have more thoughts than I can effectively carry out but hope you enjoy these anyhow!

Green Heron Textured Portrait

The Green Heron is sometimes called the Green-Backed Heron. In this late day light you can see how the back plumage takes on a greenish hue.  This image shows the layers of feather texture of this small heron with the greenish blue back plumage, then the brownish layer with light  edging, and beneath feathers with gray green colors. The neck of course is a rusty brown with dark crest feathers which highlight with bluish green in the light.

Cattle Egret with Aigrettes

Cattle Egret with pretty seasonal aigrettes makes a fine profile with white and orange against the branches and green leaves.

April showers bring May flowers!! And, my grass is very happy with today’s rain and I’ve enjoyed the thunderous punctuation!!

~ by Judy on April 13, 2013.

6 Responses to “Avian Portraits”

  1. I just realized why that green heron seems so familiar. In this light, the teal and rust are reminiscent of the colors I use in my blog. The photos are just lovely.

    • That is true and I do love the colors on your site…teal and rust or pale orange is a comforting combination!! I liked that heron picture for the various textures of the layers of feathers.

  2. I really like the cattle egrets and always great seeing a greenie!

  3. Just lovely! Really beautiful portraits…. Just love the colors here, so varied. I guess it’s been raining a bit, eh? 🙂

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