Rev. Peter Marshall – Easter Prayers – 1948

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This is the first time I have placed a post for reasons beyond my own sense of merit or timeliness. Rev. Peter Marshall served as the Senate Chaplain from January 4th, 1947 until his sudden death, at the age of 46, of a heart attack on January 26, 1949. Based on web search strings for my blog, I can see that there are others interested in the Prayers by the Chaplain offered to open the daily sessions of the Senate of the United States during the eightieth and eighty-first congresses.

Today is Easter Sunday, March 31st, 2013. Easter in 1948 was also early, occurring on March 28th that year.

Below I am posting two of his prayers, the first was offered the last session prior to Easter Sunday and second the Monday after. Besides, reflecting the essence of Christianity, they are historical documents in the lyrical language of the earnest Senate Chaplain reflecting the spirit of humbleness which began a day of leading the country.

Thursday, March 25, 1948

Lord Jesus, Saviour of the World, in Thy holy name we join our hearts in prayer.

This week, as we remember all Thou didst endure for us, we may be sure Thou hast not forgotten. For we will not let thee forget.

With every sin of ours, we renew the pain Thy heart did know. Every time we ignore Thee, forget Thee, and heed not Thy way, we revive for Thee the loneliness Thou didst feel and the spiritual blindness that broke Thy heart.

O Lord, give us Thy grace that we may not crucify Thee afresh, but, loving Thee keep Thy commandments.

With a steady faith that Thy kingdom will yet be established upon the earth, help us to hasten its coming by letting Thee work in us and through us to do Thy will.

Monday, March 29, 1948

Our hearts still singing with the beauty and joy of Easter, we pray to Thee, O Christ, to keep us under the spell of immortality.

May we never again think and act as if Thou wert dead. Let us more and more come to know Thee as a living Lord who hath promised to them that believe: “Because I live, ye shall live also.”

Help us to remember that we are praying to the Conqueror of Death, that we may no longer be afraid nor be dismayed by the world’s problems and threats, since Thou hast overcome the world.

In Thy strong name, we ask for Thy living presence and Thy victorious power.

Happy Easter Everyone,


~ by Judy on March 31, 2013.

2 Responses to “Rev. Peter Marshall – Easter Prayers – 1948”

  1. Happy Easter, Judy! And thank you for posting these lovely prayers. I’m especially taken with the second, as it expresses in far more traditional and faith-based language the same point I was leaning toward in my own Easter post this morning. Life overcomes death – what a message! Sometimes, it happens in the most unexpected ways.

    On another note entirely, I had quite an experience yesterday at the Anahuac Wildlife Refuge. Some people may enjoy the Easter bunny or delight in Easter chicks. I had the chance to marvel at a clutch of twenty-four baby alligators! I can only find twenty-two in this photo. My goodness, didn’t I wish I had a better camera – I was shooting from a bridge and just couldn’t get the whole group in sharp focus. Of course, many of them were beneath the surface of the water, which didn’t help. I do have some good pics of smaller groupings. What an experience!

    • Happy Easter to you Linda!! Oh, I look forward to jumping over to read your latest!! In the prayers of Marshall, it is amazing how much he says in so few perfectly chosen words!

      I clicked on the baby gator pictures! They look like a bunch of happy kids splashing around in the water going every which way!! Fun shot!! Totally! Thanks for sharing it and glad you had the chance to explore the refuge. I find it restores perspective to watch nature after spending so much of the time inside office walls.

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