For Linda Leinen

Great Blue Heron with Moon_3773-s



huddle down

beneath a moon

grown cold and silent.

Shadows weave and tumble.

Branches reach beyond eye’s sight

to scrape along the scudding clouds

and toss to earth their fragile catch,

rivulets of silver, flashes of stars.


poem ©2012 Linda Leinen

The Task at Hand

I have taken a liberty for the sake of surprise for Linda Leinen of The Task At Hand in posting her Etheree Poem here ( ©2012 Linda Leinen!).  She is a writer of great skill in poetry and essays which transcend merely thorough research to meaningful, relevant and beautifully phrased literary accomplishments!! Each and every one! Awhile back she had written the poem shown above and I thought how nice it would be to have a Great Blue Heron returning to roost in the evening beneath a bright moon with branches reaching up high. So last Sunday when I was checking out the nests at the heronry at Wakodahatchee, I lingered a bit later than usual. As I was seeing the last of the color draining from the sky and turned to leave, I couldn’t believe that a heron had just landed, and when I looked back  there was a big moon in plain view…next to the heron. Where did it come from? I was completely unaware until this immature heron returned to the nest. So all I could think of was “Night. Herons huddle down beneath a moon….”

Linda I hope you like the image!! And, everyone be sure to visit the blog of this wonderful writer and her ongoing search for just the right word!! She usually finds it by the way!!

Now I shall huddle down beneath the nice big moon we are enjoying now and sleep!!



~ by Judy on February 27, 2013.

12 Responses to “For Linda Leinen”

  1. …. Wow, Judy! Wow, Linda! Tremendous work – the both of you! I am curious how you got facial details with the bright moon back lighting. Did you use the flash?!?
    …. In any event, that picture needs to be on one of your cards.

    • No flash. It was getting dark and the eastern sky lighter than the foreground. When I decided to convert the image to a sepia tone at first I was going to let the bird be a silhouette but it was still light enough for the detai to be present so I used a graduated neutral gradient filter to let some detail show on the bird and keep the moonlit sky. I love the graduated neutral gradient filter as it does allow you to raise and lower light in separate parts of the image for balance and also without changing the color (even tho this is toned).

      Linda is good!!!

  2. A painting like picture with a beautiful poem to go along with! Great work both of you 🙂

    • I do think we are all inspired by the natural canvas given by our Creator. Poets find the words, painters find the colors, and photographers try and find the opportunity to be there when the elements present themselves! Your comment is truly appreciated!! Thank you!

  3. When I was watching this month’s full moon, I never imagined I’d get the answer to my question – do the birds moonwatch, too? It appears that this one does, and if he isn’t watching, no matter. It’s one of the most wonderful photos I’ve seen. Just perfect.

    Surprised? Oh, yes! And really quite amazed, because I think this is “the” photo for the etheree. Isn’t it funny how these things cycle around? First I choose your photos for the poems, and now you’ve used one of the poems for your photo. Who ever imagined this could be such fun?

    Thank you so much – I’m really honored to see my words here again, paired with this gorgeous image. And of course I’ll be sharing it with my readers, too. This is the second time in a week that life has written a sequel to one of my posts. It’s really quite amazing!

    • Totally fun and my pleasure!! I think capturing two subjects of myth and imagination ,as the patient heron and the enigmatic moon, together cannot help but create a magical mood!! What is it about that pale orb and graceful bird that we respond to so deeply?

  4. REALLY lovely…. Definitely one of my favorites, and what a perfectly lovely poem to accompany it!!! So very perfect.

    I agree — this would be a wonderful card.

    • It will be fun to experiment with this picture to create an evocative greeting card!!

      • …. Greeting card? Think about it: Full moon, fading daylight, evocative shadows, nesting environment, BREEDING PLUMAGE … this sounds more like a HOT Valentine!

      • Very romantic!! The moon is seductive but show a guy ‘breeding’ plumage and its over!!

      • …. Breeding plumage is the avian version of Victoria’s Secret. Us males never EVER exhibit the intelligence to see the connection! 😀

  5. […] Task at Hand blog, wrote the beautiful etheree poem you see on the card inside view below. In a previous post I related the most amazing circumstance while taking pictures of nesting herons. They say that a […]

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