Great Blue Herons – Mating Pair – Art Card by Janthina

Great Blue Herons Mating Pair - nest building - front view of art card

Front View of the Great Blue Herons nest building Greeting Card

It is inherent in the artistic process that  creative energy  will continue to pulse  even when  rationally  or  to the eyes of everyone else,  a work is finished or ready for offering. Perhaps there are those  with unerring  precision  who  are able to deliver their vision straight away and with no second thoughts.  I suspect that  is not the case for most. Leonardo da Vinci, the classic Italian painter, sculptor, and engineer of the fifteenth century  is recorded as saying “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” Some 400 years later Paul Valery, French  poet, essayist and critic, expressed the  same opinion when he said, “A poem is never finished, only abandoned.”   Writer, painter, or photographer the process is the same ..the desire for perfection is both the agony and the ecstasy of the creative process. When is a work of art finished? Is it when your heart says so? Your mind? Your friends? When you are beyond making another decision?

I know that sounds very serious and I do not mean it to be so.  Great or small we all deal with the same process of trying to make the best, most perfect choices  when offering a creative project of any kind.  Whether it is just the right word to give life to an essay or just the right color, texture or decorative  element to give life to a photograph, we hope to convey the vision!! And, to know when to stop!

The card I am introducing with this post features an image I am particularly fond of. The artistic positions of the two herons as they come together to share a branch gathered for the nest  is just classic.  This beautiful pair compelled me to try and create  a classic, textured, artistic treatment to the scene and then a greeting card.  The dark textured background  is a departure for me but I wanted to enhance the painterly feel of the texture and the dark earthy border seemed right. The decorative  flora elements were chosen to delicately mimic the naturally  artistic gift of the gathered branch with  its leafy attachments.  Of course, there were all those decisions on texture, color, placement of elements to look  just right!! This will never change!!

The card does look lovely in print and I hope that you all will take pleasure in seeing the  Great Blue Herons  nest building card project and think it looks just right!!

Great Blue Herons - Mating Pair Nest Building - Art Card

Print Layout View with Inside of Card and Design Elements

With Thanks,

ORDER LINK: Great Blue Herons-nest building Greeting Card

~ by Judy on February 9, 2013.

11 Responses to “Great Blue Herons – Mating Pair – Art Card by Janthina”

  1. this is gorgeous! z

  2. …. Judy! That picture that you used for the card is just too perfect to be real! I am so impressed – and so proud to be following you!

    • Oh, thank you!! That comment truly made my day!! A wonderful thing to say and I’ll try and live up to it!!

      When you take bird photographs it is so easy to get lost in the activity. Sometimes you just aren’t ready when something wonderful happens and by the time you get your camera up, its too late. Sometimes you are poised and trying to remain steady, focusing on the action and are just fortunate when a perfect scene unfolds right in front of you. I saw the bird with the branch drop in and it was great to catch them at that particular moment. You can see the bird with the branch is just settling its feathers. The mates always seem so aware of the presence of each other.

      • …. Observing the beauty of the natural world is a whole lot easier than capturing that beauty in a photograph. Last week, I was privileged to witness courting Red-tailed Hawks as they locked talons and went into a free-fall together. I watched through binoculars – I don’t have the talent or the equipment to capture such wonders in a photograph. That’s why I rely on people like you to do my “heavy lifting”. And THANKS!

  3. When I first looked at this card I thought, “Audubon”. That’s the kind of classic it is. And having seen some of your cards in “real life”, I know precisely how beautiful this one would be.

    It’s funny – with my blog posts, I don’t exactly abandon them, but I have very clear feelings about when to stop. It’s as though I get a sense that any more tweaking will be just that – tweaking, and not improvement. On the other hand, I’ve reposted a few early pieces – but only after re-writing. After three years, they re-emerge greatly improved.

    That sort of thing is more difficult with photography, of course, but I’ve been following a photographer who’s in the process of going back and re-processing photos in her Paint programs. It’s fascinating to watch, and in some cases, there are stunning results.

    Anyway – I don’t see how this pair could be improved upon. Beautiful!

    • It is true that obsessing over the ‘what ifs’ will end up being unproductive tweaking which can actually work against the quality of the writing or the photographic treatment. But, as you mention, revisiting things written in the past you can see your own growth as a writer and do it better because of that down the road perspective. There are photos I adjusted early on which I’d do much differently now. My tastes and my tools have changed..and experience too. I haven’t quite gotten over that ‘what if I try this one more thing’ syndrome though. I am probably hopeless.

  4. LOVE the image and the effects! It’s a perfect combination…. Just lovely. I really need to learn how to do post-processing, honestly!

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