Wakodahatchee Winter


Florida  Winter  Sky

It was a dark wintry day at Wakodahatchee Wetlands on Dec 3oth.  And, it was Florida style cold in the 60s, breezy cool and felt wonderful!!  Perhaps not the best prospect photographically for active birds but I love serendipity (or the opportunity thereof) so was not deterred from  a quick visit to see if the Great Blue Heron pair (from the recent ‘Artistic Treatments’ post) was ‘with egg’ !!  And, indeed the nest was occupied by a sleepy Great Blue Heron parent sitting on its eggs.  It rose occasionally for a stretch and a poop and its mate was elsewhere for the duration of my visit.  The windy and cool conditions seemed to keep the birds were nestled in for warmth. And, I spent more time than usual just enjoying the temperature and watching the birds without looking through the viewfinder.

As the New Year beckons, I wish everyone a very happy, healthy and prosper0us 2013…..and like the eggs being so carefully tended by these winter nesters, may it hold all the promise of new life and renewal!



Sleepy GBH Nest Sitting

Great Blue Heron on its nest against a soft winter sky.


Male Anhinga Sitting on Eggs

Male Anhina taking turns with its mate in minding the eggs.

Spoonbill Keeping Warm

Roseate Spoonbill tucked up for warmth!




With Best Wishes,


~ by Judy on December 31, 2012.

8 Responses to “Wakodahatchee Winter”

  1. Terrific photos of these amazing birds! It will likely be July the next time I might have an opportunity to see a spoonie or an anhinga! Love seeing these pics!

    • We do see the various species begin nesting much earlier here than in your area for sure!! Like me you are probably looking forward to seeing all the birds in their full beauty!! It’s a wondrous thing!!

  2. Wonderful photos and you provided a sense of being there.

    • Oh, thank you. I did want to give a sense of the soft winter lighting and the quieter than typical atmosphere at the wetland that day. Wait til’ the chicks hatch! No rest then for weary parents!!

  3. Lovely…. I missed our coldest weather, from the sounds of it!

    • I’m sure there will be another blast or two before the winter is over. Maybe not too much so the eggs will stay nice and warm. Definitely a different quieter atmosphere when it is cooler out there!!

  4. Oh, these photos are spectacular! I need to browse the archives of all you bird-photogs. I’ve never seen a photo of a blue heron on the nest – not like this! Certainly, I haven’t seen an anhina. And that spoonbill – oh, my! What a beauty! You’re so lucky to have such an environment to roam.

    I’m curious – what language is Wakodahatchee? I just got reminded of “Song of the Chatahootchee” – was that Lanier? The words are wonderful when I stop and actually read them instead of just cruising on by!

    • Wakodahatchee is not a Seminole Indian name per se; it is a name given this wetland that is derived from the Seminole Indian language. It means “created waters”. Hatchee is the word for waters or river. The Calusahatchee is the Great Calusa River named after the indian tribe that dwelled in that area. Wakodahatchee is a created wetland which blends a water utility with natural filtration to the aquifer and the design of its habitats has been successful beyond the creators wildest dreams–or so I believe.

      If I were to point to one article I posted that was the beginning of me really taking WordPress seriously as a outlet to explain why I love certain places and things, it is this: Wakodahatchee Wetlands In Spring. I did a little research on how it came to be and tried to express my enthusiasm for the place..on many levels. If you can wade through the mire of that writing, I’d be pleased for you to do so. I had been planning to revisit that post and add some of the pictures I describe verbally to make it more interesting for someone to visit. Learning I hope!! 🙂

      I do thank you for that lovely comment and look forward to showing you some cute little chicks in that nest soon!! I think the eggs have been there for about two weeks as of that picture of the drowsing parent.

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