Janthina offers Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Greeting Cards

Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Card with Storm Clouds

Joseph Speer's 1774 West Indies Map zoomed in on East Florida-Canaveral

I noticed in trying or organize my categories a little bit that I have been remiss in not posting Janthina’s two Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Cards. Tidying up a WordPress site is as difficult for me as tidying up my house….apparently!!! The devil is in the details…sigh!!Allow me to correct this omission  for those who may be interested in gift or greeting cards featuring this unique historic beacon.

The day of the shoot dawned a bit stormy and on the way over to the Cape I was a bit worried. Not that I don’t love storm clouds as I do love them and think they add drama to a scene. It was just that I was uncertain when I’d get another opportunity and so wanted perfect light. But, with photography most times there is no need to worry as once you are on site you take it for what it is and often the scene is better than if you had planned it outright. Looking through a view finder all else falls away and I’ve yet to be unhappy with the reality in front of me.

And so it was with these, as the given light fluctuated with passing clouds. The horizontal image shows brighter cloud forms looming while the vertical shot was captured as light streamed out through the cloud coverage behind me to light the tower against a darker sky. The stately beacon has weathered much worse!! I hope that you enjoy them both. Both feature antique maps on the back with Cape Canaveral noted. I used Speer’s 1774 version of the 1796 upated one you see on the Hillsboro Card posted previously.

Cape Canaveral Card - vertically oriented

Cape Canaveral Greeting Card 1 (Horizontal) Order Link

Cape Canaveral Greeting Card 2 (Vertical) Order Link

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~ by Judy on December 16, 2012.

2 Responses to “Janthina offers Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Greeting Cards”

  1. Absolutely beautiful. It would be interesting to see what you could do with our Texas lighthouses. Only Port Isabel is “pretty”, but we do have some interesting ones. Metal plating doesn’t have quite the same panache!

    • Your assignment ,should you decide to accept it, is to go and take a picture of your lighthouse and I’ll make a card out of it!! I’ll go find and see what it looks like. You always do a beautiful job. 🙂

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