Warm WordPress Wishes

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Amidst the hurry of the season I wanted to take a minute to send warm wishes to the WordPress blogging community for a wonderful holiday with loved ones!! I know that I am not alone in feeling overwhelmed and more often wishing I had followed through with intentions to say thanks or give a word of appreciation than I actually do. Typically, I can spend all season planning on something and then at the predicate moment become so involved with the priorities of the day that I don’t do the simple thing I’d intended. So, right now I am correcting that tendency with this.

Although I started my WordPress Blog a few years ago, it wasn’t until this year, through some wonderful friendships, that I really internalized the amazing sense of community here on WordPress. Yes, I guess I have come to think of it as a place rather than computer software designed to place pages of pictures or text into a digital internet template with facility for comment. I say ‘on WordPress’ as if it were an island in the equatorial Pacific or , I should say, in the proverbial digital pool!! Here on the lovely isle of WordPress, I can imagine that we toss our words, images and thoughts into that vast surrounding pool creating ripples that radiate outwards far away to swirl along distant and unfamiliar shores. If you look at your country stats, this is not a completely strange analogy. It does not matter from where you toss the pebble in, the flow of written and visual communication will find a home, will find kindred spirits and interests, will find an appreciative audience, and will find friends.

Originally, my conceived notion for my WordPress Blog was just to have a place to journal about my photo excursions. Experiencing interesting places only fuels the desire to describe the light filtering through the primordial swamp or the unexpected rainbow over the ocean when light breaks through storm clouds. It was more an outlet for something I wanted or needed to say with little clue as to audience. But, it has become something I want to share not just express for my own vague compulsions. This is true even when I might be posting a new sales item like a card because there is a life to every image and a back story to every enterprise…which naturally NEEDS telling!!

Thanks to this wonderful community of writers, poets, essayists, photographers, artists, painters, journalists and dreamers for a very interesting 2012 on WordPress. The nature of this medium is so fluid that sometimes you touch places that you cannot find again but those random encounters still inform, enrich and inspire. For everyone who has been interested in my posts, thank you! For everyone who has graced my life and expanded my world with their posts and their friendship, Thank You From the Bottom of my Heart!!

A Season Full of Warmth and Joy to Everyone!!

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With Thanks,

~ by Judy on December 11, 2012.

9 Responses to “Warm WordPress Wishes”

  1. What a lovely expression of appreciation, and such a good summation of what many of us experience here. There’s no question that “blogging” has become something quite different from what I imagined, and something I enjoy tremendously.

    It was fun collaborating with you this year, on the blog and otherwise. I suspect there may be ways to do that again in the future. In the meantime – a Merry Christmas to you, and best wishes for the year to come!

    • WordPress blogging surprised me quite a bit too with how much I’ve enjoyed the thoughts and talents shared here so willingly and well!

      Your friendship and your writing is one of the great gifts of my WordPress experience!

      A Very Merry Christmas to You and a Happy, Happy 2013!!

      (pretty sure the Mayans are wrong!!)

  2. Best wishes to you and your’s. 🙂

  3. Good morning, Judy.

    What an exceptional message to read this morning. I totally understand and live what you describe in the first chapter. I typically “intend” to do many things through the holiday season. Somehow, the priorities of getting through each day seem to wipe away my good intentions.

    But the sentiment is always there. The unexpressed thanks and gratitude. The memories of those who’ve been supportive of me throughout the year – unselfishly so.

    You inspire me, Judy. I am so thankful that you are my sister. 😀

    • A special thanks to you, Lynda, besides sister being my very own WordPress Guru!! You led the way and taught me everything I know about widgets and dashboards and side bars!!

      Heaps of Love, Merry Christmas and can’t wait for Chef Joe’s Christmas Turkey!!

  4. What a lovely message… And so very true! I also started the blog as a journal — well, to track the hikes, hah! And I was truly stunned at the sense of community, and the depth of talent here. The artistry stuns me every single day.

    Much love to you and yours, and Happy Holidays. We’re gonna have to get out soon…seriously! Boat or no boat. 🙂

  5. […] …a minute to send warm wishes to the WordPress blogging community for a wonderful holiday with…internet template with facility for comment. I say ‘on WordPress’ as if it were an island in… wordpress – Yahoo! Blog Search Results […]

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