Janthina Images – Christmas and Greeting Cards!

For the holiday season, Janthina Images offers Christmas and Seasonal Greeting Card Selections in our Greeting Card Gallery 

Again this year, I am showcasing my “buyer favorites”: the Cypress Swamp Egret Card featuring the Phillips Brooks poem “Christmas Everywhere” on the inside, the Boca Grande Lighthouse Card decked out in its holiday lights which is blank inside, and a card laid out using one of my printer’s holiday templates featuring  Janthina’s image of theDry Tortugas /Garden Key Lighthouse!

The holiday selections are placed at the beginning of the card gallery so they are easy to locate.

Throughout the year, my card gallery showcases designs with Florida Birds in their natural settings, Historic Lighthouses featuring antique maps on the back, as wellas various Everglades Scenes. These would make wonderful gifts for anyone who loves natural Florida and its Historic Lights. I continually add new cards through the year, so please come back often.

For  the holiday season, I have reduced the price of a single card purchase to $4.95. Your best savings is in ordering a boxed set. In a10-card set of the same image, each card is only $2.50. In a 25-card set of the same image, each card is only $2.00. 

Digital printing has truly changed the world for not only Indie Novel Publishing but also for what I like to call Indie Greeting Card Printing! When you order a book online from Amazon or Barnes & Noble, it could be one of thousands already printed or truly Print On Demand specifically upon your order.   

Janthina’s cards are like that too! Your cards are printed individually when you order them. There is no sacrifice to speed of delivery as within 48 hours of your order you will receive notice that they are winging their way to your door. Having had some experience with traditional offset printing, I find thiscompletely amazing!!  The cards are printed on a luxuriously heavy weight stock with a lovely varnish finish and gorgeous color rendition! 

For myself as well as other hardworking photographers out there, I feel the advent of digital print making gives ever more choices to customers looking forsomething unique of subjects they love and for the sharing of images from all corners of the world in the form of greeting!


Wishing all of you a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends!!

With Thanks,

Janthina Images

~ by Judy on November 21, 2012.

3 Responses to “Janthina Images – Christmas and Greeting Cards!”

  1. Always love seeing egrets and alligators!

    • Phil, yeah me too!! I love the images you are capturing in those marshy areas where you are!! Nice we share so many species. We must get you to the Keys to see the Great White Herons and Wurdemanns!! You would love that!!

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!

  2. Such a wonderful image… Just sublime.

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