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White Egret - Big Cypress Swamp - Christmas

I. Egret Christmas Card Print View with inside verse

Dear Fans of Janthina Images,

My new JUST FOR CARDS!! Online Gallery is ready for viewing!!

Believing that Christmas is in the heart and not in a specific geographic locale, I have posted my first Christmas Card. The scene is of a White Egret in early morning light with lovely tree reflections at the Big Cypress Preserve in Florida.  The card features a natural background inside and out. The inside contains the poetry of Phillips Brooks, a poem entitled Christmas Everywhere.”   Some people have indicated to me that a scene of snow laden pine trees with deer looking on is a more seasonal image.  But, I resolutely maintain that the spirit of Christmas is with you everywhere, including our majestic Big Cypress Swamp!!  Why not celebrate that!! Fans of the glades and Big Cypress  may find this card a nice way to share their love of our natural heritage.

Additionally, I have posted several of my favourite natural Florida scenes along with a new card of the Cape Canaveral Light laid out for online print orders. The Cape Canaveral Light card features a soft inside background with compass roses for a nautical feel and an  actual 1865 map  of  Cape Canaveral is screened on the back with the early location of the first light noted faintly on the cape. 

These 5×7 cards come printed on luxuriously thick card stock, folded in the middle. They’re matte with a UV coating that gives the outside a lovely sheen. The inside is smooth enough to pen a personal message and each card includes a matching envelope. These cards are shown print ready and so half of it looks upside-down. Don’t worry! That’s just how our printers read them and we promise they will look perfect in-person.

I truly hope you enjoy visiting this new cards only gallery and will watch for new cards to come… oh and maybe order and try one out!!

Please visit: http://www.janthinaimages.com/Photography/Just-Cards/19442671_7LfNfS#1540359958_zGmB6FG

Wishing you the best as the holiday season approaches!!

With Thanks,


Egret Christmas Card Front

II. Egret Christmas Card Front/Outside View

~ by Judy on October 30, 2011.

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